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Punishment on Abusing/Misbehaving the Teachers Notification PSED

The Government of Punjab School Education Department (PSED) has approved a Punishment for Abusing/Misbehaving the Teachers Notification PSED Facility. The seat of civil authority is located in Punjab, Lahore. A teacher, also formally called a school teacher or teacher, is a person who helps students to gain knowledge, competence, or virtue. Informally, anyone can take on the role of teacher.

Notice of Punishment for Abuse / Abuse of Teachers PSED

We must respect our teachers You can read the information printed on the notification which was signed by the Government of Education Department of Punjab School on 21/12/2021. It is said at the meeting that no officer who is the principal will be allowed to speak or the Condensate is loudly abusing their staff including teachers.

Punishment on Abusing/Misbehaving the Teachers Notification PSED

Teachers are great at teaching us and building our character. Any notice approved by PSED if any officer or teacher is found to be negligent and engage in offensive speaking will be punished according to the rules and regulations.

The government further announced in the notification that if any video is found against this notification, it will be punished under the PEEDA Act. So this new year has been shared for all teachers all staff and members of the education department to follow this order signed by the government of the education department of Punjab School which is outdated on 21st December 2021.

The government has further announced that no excuses will be accepted in this regard, so you must comply separately in this notification. A copy of this notification shall be transmitted to the Deputy Commissioner of the relevant area. Secretary of the Government of Pakistan Islamabad. Private Secretary to the Minister of Education. Secretary of the Department of School Education, Deputy Director of Monitoring.

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