Friday , June 9 2023

Annual Salary Increment of Govt. Employees in Federal Budget 2023-24

Little Salary Increase to Govt Employee in Budget 2023-24

Annual Salary Increment of Govt. Employees in Federal Budget 2023-24

Islamabad: This time the Federal Budget 2023 is coming on expected in this month of December any date. According to our resources, the annual increment of Government Employees Salary increase is little bit account office department tell me about 7 % (percent) basic pay increase but the Govt. announced the 10 % Salaries Increase of all Govt. employee departments from basic pay scale 1 to 22 junior or senior officers.

Reported by our sources all civil servants and other employees probable boost up transport allowance, house rent allowance, emergency allowance, medical allowance, and Pension will be little Increase of Govt Employees Salary 2023 to 2024 in Budget 2023 to 2024 in this December however chanced are about 7 to 10 percents.

Government Employees Salary Increase to Annual Increment of Federal Budget 2023 to 2024

I will early upload the whole chart of all Government Employees Salary Increase through the annual increment of December in Federal Budget 2022 to 2023 you can free download and online check here our team soon updates.

Annual Increment Chart December 2023 to 2024

Government Employees Annual Increment Salary Increase 2020

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