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Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil AlaminSWW Rabi Awwal Islamic Month

Everyone knows that the new Islamic Month (Rabi Awwal SWW) has started we are seeing all houses, roads, streets and Governmental Buildings have been decorated with beautiful and colorful lights. At the start of Islamic Month Rabi Awwal Peace be Upon him Govt of Punjab has directed all to celebrate the Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Alamin SWW by arranging special events, Mahafils, and ceremonies should be held.

Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Aalmin SWW Rabi Awwal Islamic Month

No doubt Islam gives us the message of peace, prosperity, and equality. Islam is the complete code of life for all humanity on this earth. Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad SWW is the conclusion of Prophets no more prophets will come after him. We as true Muslim thanks Allah Almighty that he born us as Muslims. So we will prove it by celebrating Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Alamin SWW across the country.

Celebrations of Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Alamin SWW

By celebrating the Mahafils and ceremonies we should give proof and guarantee to show our love for Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SWW. Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Alamin SWW will be celebrated from 28th September 2022 to 9th October 2022 from 1st to 12 Rabi Awwal SWW. These are special days 12 Rabi Awwal SWW is the date of the birthday of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SWW. But we should celebrate Mahafils of Drood Shareef and the recital of the Holy Quran at all times.

Offering prayer 5 times is compulsory to offer in a day it is obligatory for every Muslim in the world. On the special directions passed by the Chief Minister of Punjab to celebrate this event. Decorate all govt buildings, arrange competitions in speeches and Naat in Education Department, lighting on private and govt departments, and arrange a conference at the provincial level.

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Share this very important message to celebrate Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Alamin SWW for 12 Rabi ul Awwal (Peace be Upon him).

Celebrate Ashra Shan-e-Rehmat Lil Alamin SWW (PBUH) 1st to 12 Rabi ul Awwal

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