Wednesday , October 27 2021

Punjab Govt Ba Himmat Buzurg Program 2021

Punjab Govt Ba Himmat Buzurg ProgramLahore: Punjab Govt has taken another big step on launching and starting the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program for all the old age and the Bazurg scheme has been constituted under Prime Minister Ehsas Programs. All the old age peoples who are the age of 65 years and above will get benefits from these programs launched by the Government of Punjab Pakistan Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) Government. This government has started so many welfare programs, schemes, and portals this is one of them. Check how to register and how to use this Punjab Bazurg Card also check how to get paid and who is eligible for this program.

Punjab Govt Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

Lahore: This is breaking news announced by PTI Government on announcing the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program 2021 scheme. This govt has launched this new scheme on Friday 20/11/2020 for all old age peoples who are in the age of 65 years and above 65 years. Above Rs.2 Billion has been given for Punjab Bazurg to easily meet and access with daily uses things and livelihood without any troubles.

Govt Announces Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Scheme 2021 For Old Age

Ba Himmat Buzurg Program also named as “Social Pension” through this scheme especially all old age women can get Rs.2000/- every month to get their livelihood. Punjab Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Registration Card 2021 online registration. How to get Ba Himmat Buzurg Card 2021 65 year Card Buzrug registration. Monthly stipend to all up to 65 years old peoples Ba Himmat Buzurg Program scheme.

Punjab Govt Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

Chief Minister Punjab Pakistan has said in the inaugural speech of this ceremony that we are so busy to fulfill and complete all dreams of our leader Prime Minister Imran Khan. There are so many other and beneficiary projects and schemes that are going pending. There is an urgent need to install all projects for the welfare of Pakistani peoples.

پاکستان وزیر اعلی عثمان بزدار با ہمت بزرگ کارڈ پروگرام کا افتتاح کر دیا جسمیں65 سال کے عمر کو بزرگوں کو اپنی ضروریات پوری کرنے کے لئے ماہانہ دو ہزار روپے وظیفہ دیا جائے گا۔ اس پروگرام کا آغاز ضلعی اور تحصیل لول پر سروے کا بعد کیا جائے گا۔

How to Register for Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Learn with Easy Steps

Launching Ba Himmat Buzurg Program 2021 inaugurated ceremony CM Punjab has given a nice statement to help the poor and old aged Bazorg Male and Females will be given Two thousand rupees on monthly basis. Learn with easy stops How to register Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Old peoples scheme 2021 registration.

  • Govt will start the Registration for the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program very soon.
  • First, Govt will survey all the houses and towns that what is the statistics of old age Buzurg in the houses.
  • In this way, help is required from Nadra office Department.
  • Old age peoples will be verified and assigned by Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA).
  • All union councils will be carrying out for survey of old age peoples and an eligible list will be prepared to start the Registration of program Ba Himmat Buzurg Program.
  • -Eligibility Criteria for Ehsas Program Ba Himmat Buzurg Program
  • Read here how to apply eligible criteria and procedures for payment to this program.
  • It has been stated that Rs.2000/- Pakistan rupees will be given to all eligible old age peoples especially women of 65 years and above.
  • This financial help to be given to such old age peoples who are net getting donations and assistance from other welfare schemes such as Benazir Income Support Program, Baitul mal, and Ehsas Emergency cash programs, etc.
  • How to apply Ba Himmat Buzurg Program will be started after completion of a survey of all union councils in Punjab Pakistan.
  • Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Card will be issued for all eligible elder males and females.
  • They can carry out their payment of Rs. 2000 from any Bank’s ATM Machine especially Bank ok Punjab (BOP).
  • Such family who has not female and died their husband will be eligible and authorized to get Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Cash.
  • When the registration will be started. It is being started on 23-11-2020 Monday.
  • To proceed with this program a faithful Desk will also be established for the help of old age peoples.

The Government of Punjab has issued Notification No. SG (L&C-I)5-8/2020 Services U General Administration Department (Implementation & Coordination Wing) Dated Lahore the 19th February 2021 for the 65 Years Aged or above Bazurg persons. The whole description in the meeting and PowerPoint presentation flow chart is uploading for the understanding procedure of giving money to the old man in Pakistan.