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Claim For Death of Govt Employees Pakistan Notification for Marriage and death grant

This is helping content for the parents of Pakistan Government employees in all Basic Pay Scale (BPS). This necessary information and guidance will help the Attendants of the Govt employees that what to do in case of the death of govt employees of Pakistan. Get help from this how-to Claim For Death of Govt Employees in Pakistan. What to do immediately and what not to do.

Claim For Death of Govt Employees Pakistan

This is a service death claim for all employees of the Government of Pakistan. It is requested to all that download this file and keep all its print-out copies in your house. It is seen that the parents and Attendants of the in-service death employees are disgraced and discouraged. Read this will help you to claim For Death of Govt Employees in Pakistan

What to do for Claim For Death of Govt Employees in Pakistan

First of all, get a death certificate from Union Council.

Keep in mind that the name father name date of death and CNIC must be correct.

Keep safe the services book of passed away Govt Employees without it you can not get any dues.

Widow gets the death notification certificate from the concerned department.

After getting a death notification from the concerned department the Attendants will get 8 types of dues and 9 types of dues for gazetted servants.

Apply for a Jansheen certificate (جانشین) st the court because without this you can not get the pension, salary, and financial help.

The widow will get all dues if you do not get married.

The Widow will also provide no marriage certificate which can be gotten from any Ashtaam paper dealers easily.

Claim For Death of Govt Employees Pakistan Notification for Marriage and death grant

Dues can get after the death of Govt employees during in service

The widow will be given a salary for 4 months due to sit for her husband (عدت)۔

The widow will get the total G.P Fund.

The attendant will also get group insurance and get further information from here.

Immediate financial assistance as per scale.

The widow will get the full salary of died govt employee till the date of retirement.

The salary of the widow will be increased according to the salary of current govt servants increases.

Finance assistance for burial.

Burail assistance is Rs. 20,000 for Gezetted servant

Burail assistance is Rs. 12,000 for non gezetted servant.

Monthly financial assistance is given from DCO Office under the Welfare fund.

Farewell Grant, is given to only gazetted servants.

Farewell, the grant is the same as the last salary of died govt employee.

Download PDF File Claim for Death Benefit Urdu