Saturday , December 3 2022

Corona Vaccine Price in Pakistan Official Announcement

All citizens of Pakistan are going to announce this latest Covid 19 news. We congratulated all those citizens who cooperated and obey the instructions of Govt Pakistan and get themselves vaccinated. Now it is informed that the Pakistani Government has decided to fix the price of Corona Vaccine with effect from 01st September 2021 Wednesday. Govt has officially announced the Corona Vaccine Price in Pakistan is Rs. 1270/- PKR.

Corona Vaccine Price in Pakistan Official Announcement

From the origination of Covid 19 Govt has provided free-of-cost Covid Vaccines from 2019. Up til now, August 2021 Pakistani Government has gotten the vaccine from China (Pfizer). We congratulated all vaccinated people and those citizens of Pakistan who could not get the vaccine from 01-09-2021 they get the vaccination by paying Corona Vaccine Price of Rs. 1270.

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How to pay Corona Vaccine Price in Pakistan

Such citizens who want to get vaccination will visit the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and fill the Challan form with the name of Govt of Pakistan and Submit a Covid Vaccine fee of said amount. After submitting the announced amount he will be vaccinated from any nearby health centers.

See the notification regarding the price of Covid Vaccination approved and shared by Govt of Pak ministry of National Health service Regulation and coordination on dayed 27th August 2021. A meeting was held in this regard on 24th August 2021 to pay the amount of 1270 for each dose.

Now All remaining citizens of Pakistan who did not vaccinate themselves until now have to pay the total amount of Rs. 2540/- PKR. Corona’s first dose price is Rs. 1270 and Corona’s second dose price in Pakistan is Rs. 1270. This payment can be deposited in any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan and the Challan form must be filled in for the name of the Pakistan Government.

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Corona Vaccine Price in Pakistan 1st 2nd Dose Price Rs.2540