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Rs. 100 Prize Bond List 15 May 2024 Draw Result #46 Lahore

The National Savings of Pakistan is balloting Rs. 100 Prize Bond List 15 May 2024 Lahore (Wednesday, 15 May 2024) #46th Draw Result is held in the morning time at the legal website of the finance at www.savings.gov.pk. Every PB draw serial number is displayed on this website. Also, check the prize bond list 100 online check 2024 on the National Saving Pakistan website.

Rs. 100 Prize Bond List 2024 Draw Result

When the public can free download and view it online the full list of 100 student prize bonds will be announced on 15.05.2024 then everyone will be able to reach him easily. It was declared the one hundred rupee bond result in this webpage and the other media channels all of us are visiting and get their prize bond list 100 May 2024 is coming here available soon today. Check the result of the Prize Bond check online 100 by serial number.

Student Bond Result 100 Prize Bond List May 2024

We make many mistakes every day but some are not wrong and give us much happiness you know what it was the prize bonds to buy himself and change their lifestyle and become a millionaire through the money of the scheme that was built up and organized by the Central Directorate of Government is especially established in the season-wise mean lucky draws 100 Prize Bond Schedule and published in each city of the country and give up the better future to the unemployed. In simple words, you can call him a career change opportunity to accept now for themselves.

Prize Bonds are an investment and a bearer type of security available in the denominations of Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000, Rs. 25,000, and Rs.40,000 Premium and are now also available in the value of Rs 25000. These Prize Bond 100 Check Online are issued in a series of alphabets & numbers each series has a different alphabet and the same number as the other series. Each prize bond series consists of less than 1,000,000 bonds.

Rs. 100 Prize Bond List 15 May 2024 Lahore Detail

                         DRAW OF Rs.100/- PRIZE BOND
                               HELD AT LAHORE
Draw No.:  46th                                               
Series  : COMMON DRAW            			Date : 15/05/2024

First Prize of Rs. 700,000/-


Second Prize of Rs.200,000/- Each

180042 184679 392438

Third Prizes of Rs.1,000/- Each (1199 Prizes)


National Savings of Pakistan organized this draw of bonds on the official website savings.gov.pk the Government announced the Prize Bond of Rs. 100 Draw Result Complete List will be balloting in Lahore City dated Wednesday Morning at 09:00 AM, 15-05-2024 for all the people who purchase the bonds.

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National Savings of Pakistan is one major department that is going to be established by the government and the central directorate of govt is handling this scheme of money. It also issued the Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 for all the people who can purchase the prize bonds. In our country, everyone wants to become the richest man some days and some people buy prize bonds to try their luck. In other Western countries, people are called these lottery schemes of money and he is very popular.

The govt. of our country is prepared to add the new prizebond series to the official website and visitors can check the upcoming Prize Bond List 100 May 2024 on this site. We are working every time to provide new updates on the Rs 100 Prize Bond List 2024 for this month of May can be available here. Online millions of people should download the complete list of one hundred rupees of the investments department of Pakistan and the entire news checking on this page of the coming draw result of the government city.

100 Prize Bond Series Denominations:

1st Prize of Rs. 7,00,000 (07 Lakh | Rupee Seven Lac for One Person)

2nd Prize of Rs. 2,00,000 (05 Lakh | Rupee Three Lac for Each Three Persons)

3rd Prize of Rs. 1,000 (one Hazar | Rupee One Thousand for Each 2496 Persons)

The upcoming 100 Prize Bond List 2024 schedule checked on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Draw No. of thirty has the First Prize Bond winner a prize of Rs. 700,000/- and Second Prize Bond Winners got a Prize of Rs. 200,000/- (Every 3 Prizes) while the Third Prize of Rs. 1,000/- (Each for 0599 Lucky Numbers). National Saving of Pakistan is balloting a Prize Bond Lucky Draw List of Rs. 100 in Lahore – 15 May 2024.

The students were excited because this time published their bonds and it was the little bit price and low rate of all Prize Bond National Savings of Pakistan, therefore, that was a cell in a large number and spreading throughout the whole nation and the citizens were most happy for the kind act of govt. is making for the poor inhabitants.

The date was May 15, 2024, when the NSP confirmed the 100 prize bond draw list for the entire audience who had been waiting for them for a long time about three months because each draw is coming ninety days later.

National Savings | Lahore Prize Bond List 100 May 2024 Search by serial no

The infinite community is involved in purchasing the 100 prize bonds for trying her luck and recently the higher administration has entered the new bond who have interests and gives to the consumers in whole life yearly basis that is the main reason that a huge population is frustrated to buying him for their individual purpose and for business matters.

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Kohe Noor Live TV is uploading online streaming for the entire society then all the people watch for obtaining the newest prizes of 1st, 2nd, and the last 3rd in a few minutes at 09:00 am when the draw is held and now in Lahore city.

If you have Rs. 100 prize bond and want to win the prizes from Government of Pakistan so on dated 15-05-2024 check Rs 100 prize bond list 15 May 2024 online check PDF format or check online by putting one by one entry.

The entire community of our nation is busy thinking about the strength and power of the Rs. 100 Prize Bond List May 2024 as it is most popular especially among students, the unemployed, housewives, and children because they can easily be purchased and get from anywhere, should have banks or any shopkeepers.

Similarly, the bond is very famous in the market and some businessmen persons have full copies of them. Each state has its lottery scheme in different shapes but in our country, it is called prize bonds and it fulfills all rules and regulations according to our religion of Islam.

Online Student 100 Prize Bond List 15 May 2024 Announced in Karachi

In children, this bond is very popular because its price is very low and every student or any other person has easily purchased him without any tension therefore a broad level is selling these bonds and mostly middle-class people are buying them to try their luck throughout the prize bond list 100 May 2024.

In view of this, the media and newspapers are also publishing the full list of the 100 draw results held on 15.05.203 when the central directorate of government uploaded through the internet and electronic media where the people get their individual prize bond list 100 May 2024 available early in this webpage.

Now a lot of people are excited to purchase student bonds mostly children through pocket money because it is very cheap and schoolboys and girls easily buy them. All of us loved him so the daily routine of millions of people involved in purchasing the original bond is specially introduced for the entire citizens’ child. Therefore now, people are increasingly buying the great scheme prize bond.

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I think that all the citizens know about the Schedule 100 prize bond 2024 which was making the National Saving Organization for the populate of the whole country and that was really an amazing project that the government is running for the well of poor humanity and the main reason is to organize was to build up the sad human’s too strong in a financial level and they were substantially successful in their plan and the time is coming soon when the everyone resident is prosperous from this lottery plan of our rulers.

Rupee 100 Prize Bond List 15-05-2024 at Lahore | Pakistan National Savings

The Rs 100 Prize Bond Result 15 May 2024 Lahore full draw can be searched online with this webpage by pressing (CTRL+F) and entering your bond number.

The age that is new satisfying the customers’ demand and telecasting the live transmission throughout the only media station is Kohe Noor 100 Prize Bond check List May 2024 is getting with no difficulty. We have been publishing timely right here at biseworld.com whenever management is announcing the last link between the Prize bonds.

All of us are excited to check and view the latest draw of the month is available early when the official association is given to the public and everyone accesses it for their personal interest because a lot of people can purchase little price bonds to try their luck to involving to become the millionaire throughout the power of bonds in which the others countries have their system in the shape of lottery scheme and the whole community are engaged with him but in our kingdom, the government of Pakistan has introduced the prize bonds 100 rupees for all citizens.

Students are lucky because the National Savings of Pakistan is declaring the Rs. 100 Prize Bond List 15 May 2024 then check the latest and updated Draw Result #46 Held in Lahore on 15/05/2024 Online announcement for the public. I will share with you the current and exclusive prize bond list 100 on May 15, 2024, here uploaded for the audience on social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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