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Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2023 Updates

Data Ganj Bakhsh is real name is Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (RA) he was born in Afghanistan (Ghazni) in 990-A.D and died in 1072 September 25. He was the Sufi sain his shrine is located at Lahore Near Anarkali Bazar Feroz Pur Road Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. This information is shared with you about Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2023 Updates and images of the beautiful shrines.

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2022 Updates

Hazrat Ali Hujwiri Information Ganj Bakhsh (RA) was an eleventh-century Sufi Holy person. He was brought into the world in Ghazni, Afghanistan, and kicked the bucket in Lahore, Pakistan. Information Ganj Bakhsh will constantly be recognized as an individual life teaching Islam. His Urs is noticed consistently from the eighteenth Safar to the twentieth Safar at Information Darbar.

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak Start / End Date

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras is started on 15th September every year, which is last for 3 days at the location of Data Darbar, Data Gunj Buksh Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. This year Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2023 is being celebrated by holding complete arrangements for security, Mahafils, Qawali, and Langar arrangements.

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2022 Updates

Remember to all Muslims that this year Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2023 is being held on (Thursday) dated 15th Sep 2023 and will end on (Saturday) dated 17th Sep 2023. Data Sahib Darbar Ikhtitami dua is always offered on the final day dated 17th Sep 2023 after the Prayer of Dhur.

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Start End Date

According to customs, the milk merchants’ local area brought a large number of liters of milk as a gift for the milk Sabeel which was dispersed among a great many fans and guests.

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Gatherings of enthusiasts and pioneers, a significant number of them driven by their particular profound pioneers and nearby Gaddi Nasheens continued showing up to the very much enlightened hallowed place walking on the rhythms and presenting naats and psalms during the beyond two days.

Remember the date of Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2023 Updates may vary and change according to the moon sighting in Pakistan. Today Government of Lahore is celebrating the birth celebration of the 979th for 3 days in Lahore. Hazrat Ali Bin – Usman Hajveri is popularly well known as “Data Ganj Bakhsh (R.A).

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras Mubarak 2022 Updates

Data Ganj Bakhsh Uras’ date is 15th September 2023 Thursday. Exceptional Collaborator to Punjab Boss Priest on Auqaf Syed Rafaqat Ali Gilani will introduce the occasion by laying a flower wreath at the catacomb of the tenth-century holy person who was among the trailblazers of teaching Islam in the sub-landmass, especially in Punjab.

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