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How to Deactivate My Facebook AccountOnline Tips for You

We are sharing with you the simple way to Deactivate My Facebook Account Read online the complete procedure for disabling the FB ID on this page. Those people who are worried about their Facebook user ID being hacked or spreading the wrong and dirty pictures and videos throughout their account can complaint the admin of this social media also option you can request for the Facebook Account permanently deleted within a few days by sending the email to the administration of your problem.

How to Deactivated Permanently My Facebook Account Online Tips for You

Some people make Facebook id’s just for fun and after that, they decide to close them Then no tension because the great website www.facebook.com administration has introduced you to the latest easy way to deactivate a Facebook account permanently online Here Read the all steps of deleting or closing your identification by giving your personal information to the legal authorities of this site. This information is for you if you wish to check How to Deactivate My Facebook Account Online Tips and Tricks. 

Frequently in Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, people have many Facebook id One is lawful and the others are created for the fun of girlfriends and another purpose like seeing bad and corrupt images and mp3 or mp4 videos of mujra’s romantic and love songs online in different formats are available.

How to Deactivate My Facebook Account Online Tips for You

Step: 1

Click the drop-down tab and then select the Settings option.

Deactivate Permanently Facebook Account Online Easy Way


Then select the general tab click on the last option and ticks for how to Deactivate My Facebook Account Online.

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Facebook Account Disabled Permanently

Step: 3

Then a dialog box is shown in front of you and it asks you the reason for leaving Select any reason for the officials and tell them further details in the given box why you can leave your Facebook account describe them in a few lines and click the deactivate button.

Disabled Facebook Account Permanenlty Check Here

Step: 4

Last time admin ast to ensure to deactivate your account facebook? and click Deactivate Now.

Hov to Facebook Account Deleted Permanently Check Online

Step: 5

Finally, Your Facebook Account has been deactivated message is shown on your computer screen Thanks for visiting. Hope you have learned in the best manner. So read the article again and again if you have any problem regarding How to Deactivate  My Facebook Account Online Tips for You free. 

How to Close Facebook Account Permanently

In the end, you are leaving your Facebook Account permanently and enjoy in their life and creating a new Facebook account ID to retrieve the legal side of social media and share pictures, videos, and anything you want If you like my post then comment me under the below of my hard work because I will give you the latest way of if fb closing way such that of simplicity method read in this article of without any difficulty check online the full details of your How to Deactivate My Facebook Account online displayed images for easy consideration.

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