Wednesday , December 6 2023

CM Punjab Govt Diwar e Ehsas Program For Poor, Needy People

The chief minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has given the direction to all District Commissioner of Punjab to launch the Diwar e Ehsas Program for the poor and helpless people. In the first phase, the program was started in Multan, Lahore Nankana Sahib, and other districts of Punjab.

CM Punjab Govt Diwar e Ehsas Program 2022 For Poor, Needy People

What is the purpose behind launching the program Diwali Ahsaas is to provide clothes to all deserving people. It is the responsibility of the deputy commissioner according to the direction given by CM Punjab Pakistan to fix a wall called on which hang clothes of all ages for needy people. Diwar e Ehsas Program Punjab Govt starts in this month of January.

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CM Punjab Govt Diwar e Ehsas Program

The inauguration ceremony of Diwali dresses was arranged in Lahore under the chairmanship of CM Punjab. In this regard, CM Punjab has given very strict directions to all administration authorities to ensure the availability of clothes for needy and helpless people.

Has been a citizen of Pakistan it is our Prime responsibility to put or and spear all our new cloth on this sh wall. The needy people can get the cloth at this point. There are so many poor and helpless people who cannot beg or walk to turn the cloth to put on their bodies. There are so many poor people who feel shame to bag clothes, in view of this the Government of Punjab has directed the district authority to fix wall clothes hung on for this type of people.

Meanwhile, an Ihsas market was established in Sheikhupura with the help of district administration and philanthropists. The Regional Minister for Natural Disasters, Mian Khaled Mahmoud, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Rana Shakeel Aslam, visited Ihsas Market. No doubt Diwar e Ehsas Program is a silent and admirable feature for all of us.

CM Punjab Govt Diwar e Ehsas Program Introduction

On this occasion, Mian Khaled Mahmoud said that the purpose of Ehsas Bazaar is to create facilities to entitle people in cold weather where they are provided with warm clothes and a 10-kilo flour bag at no cost. Diwar e Ehsas Program January launched by Punjab Govt we appreciated this too good step.

Mian Khalid Mahmood appealed to the people to deposit the excess items found in the houses, blankets, sheets, shoes, etc. in the Ehsas Bazaar so that the beneficiaries can take what they want according to their needs. Vaccination against coronavirus has been provided. This is a very good and appreciated step started by this government.

It is not the duty of the government but also all the citizens of Pakistan who can afford them must hand the cloth that had Deewar Ehsaas wall. CM Punjab Govt Diwar e Ehsas Program For Poor, Needy People who can not afford or beg from others. This is the very silent feature to help needy people by providing clothes for their bodies.