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What is Fajr Time Karachi (Pakistan?)

What is Namaz e Fajar time table in Karachi today? Fajr Time Karachi starts at 05:06 AM, Sunrises at 06:22, Karachi Dhuhur Prayer Time 12:36 PM, Asar Namaz Time 16:04 PM, Maghrib Prayer Time 18:49 PM and Isha Prayer Time 20:05 PM. Get the best timetable and Karachi Farj Time Schedule in the table.

What is Fajr Time Karachi (Pakistan?)

Get the most dependable Karachi Azan & Namaz times with both; week-by-week Salat timings and month-to-month Salah schedules. Fajr Time Karachi Schedule April 2023 for the holy month of Ramadan ul Mubarak. Also check Sehar and Iftar time.

Fajr Time Karachi Schedule April

Offering everyday supplication (Salat) is one of the most indispensable and fundamental obligations that must be proceeded as well as satisfied by all Muslims around the world. Every one of your concerns will be addressed when you offer your requests at the right Salat time and Allah’s (SWT) favors will generally be on you. Check the below table format data about Fajr Time Karachi 2023 Calendar and Schedule of All Prayers.

Fajr Time Karachi Schedule Ramadan Calendar Salah/Azan

What is Fajr Time Karachi (Pakistan?)
1Fri 1 Apr5:066:2212:3616:0418:4920:05
2Sat 2 Apr5:056:2112:3516:0418:4920:05
3Sun 3 Apr5:046:2012:3516:0318:5020:06
4Mon 4 Apr5:036:1912:3516:0318:5020:06
5Tue 5 Apr5:026:1812:3416:0318:5120:07
6Wed 6 Apr5:016:1712:3416:0318:5120:07
7Thu 7 Apr5:006:1612:3416:0318:5120:08
8Fri 8 Apr4:586:1512:3416:0218:5220:09
9Sat 9 Apr4:576:1412:3316:0218:5220:09
10Sun 10 Apr4:566:1312:3316:0218:5320:10
11Mon 11 Apr4:556:1212:3316:0218:5320:10
12Tue 12 Apr4:546:1112:3216:0218:5420:11
13Wed 13 Apr4:536:1012:3216:0118:5420:12
14Thu 14 Apr4:526:0912:3216:0118:5420:12
15Fri 15 Apr4:516:0812:3216:0118:5520:13
16Sat 16 Apr4:506:0812:3116:0118:5520:13
17Sun 17 Apr4:496:0712:3116:0018:5620:14
18Mon 18 Apr4:476:0612:3116:0018:5620:15
19Tue 19 Apr4:466:0512:3116:0018:5720:15
20Wed 20 Apr4:456:0412:3116:0018:5720:16
21Thu 21 Apr4:446:0312:3015:5918:5820:16
22Fri 22 Apr4:436:0212:3015:5918:5820:17
23Sat 23 Apr4:426:0112:3015:5918:5920:18
24Sun 24 Apr4:416:0112:3015:5918:5920:18
25Mon 25 Apr4:406:0012:3015:5819:0020:19
26Tue 26 Apr4:395:5912:2915:5819:0020:20
27Wed 27 Apr4:385:5812:2915:5819:0120:20
28Thu 28 Apr4:375:5712:2915:5719:0120:21
29Fri 29 Apr4:365:5712:2915:5719:0220:22
30Sat 30 Apr4:355:5612:2915:5719:0220:23
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