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FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winners List

For Winners persons of POS, System FBR has organized the FBR Draw List 2024 and is coming at 06:00 PM to watch live coverage on TV and Social Media Now the third draw is balloting in the middle of  2024. The winner can receive a call from 0331_6327769 if they win a prize from FBR POS Draw Result 15 September 2024.

(FBR) The Federal Board of Revenue known as (the Central Board of Revenue) was founded on 01/07/1950. It is also called the Federal Enforcement Law Agency located in Pakistan (Islamabad).

Today the Federal Board of Revenue Islamabad has started the amazing scheme FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024 calledFBR POS Scheme 2024”. How much amount and prizes Number of Prizes and amount in PKR. How to register and claim for FBR Qurandazi winning result.

FBR Lucky Draw Result 15 December 2022

Any customer with a POS FBR receipt is eligible to win prizes from the FBR Prize Scheme monthly. FBR announced that 53 million will be distributed to all customers by lucky drawers who have a printed POS FBR invoice. The raffle was announced today September 15, 2024.

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The FBR website is not loading right now because many visitors would like to see the list of winners. The total number of nominees this month is 1007 winners who will receive POS receipts upon purchase. FBR Lucky Draw Result 15 September 2024 result check online this way.

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How to Claim FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024

This is a very important question for all winners How do you Claim FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024 result declared on this date? When the FBR Lucky draws are announced freely come on this website Click on the link at the end of this page.

  • (FBR) Federal Board of Revenue Islamabad will send an SMS intimating and informing the result of the FBR Prize result.
  • Check the informative message and follow the directions mentioned in it.
  • Remember and be pleased that the authority will also inform you via telephone call about the FBR POS Lucky Draw 2024 live result.
  • An official call will be made from FBR’s Official Telephone and Helpline number.
  • You will be informed via SMS and call to update the IBAN # and Bank Account details etc.
  • Be Happy the FBR Winning prize amount 1st prize, second prize, third prize and fourth prize amount have been mentioned below will be directly deposited and transferred to yours.

How to Apply or Register FBR POS Lucky Draw

Customers can participate in the FBR Prize Scheme on a monthly basis by checking the purchase receipt via the point of sale through the Tax Asaan Mobile app or by sending the invoice number to 9966.

FBR Lucky Draw Prizes List

  • FBR 1st  Prize is Rs. 10,00000/- One Prize
  • FBR 2nd  Prize is Rs. 500, 000/- 2 NOs Prizes
  • FBR 3rd Prize is Rs. 250, 000/- 4 NOs Prizes
  • 4th Prize FBR is Rs. 50 Thousand 1000 NOs Prizes
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FBR Affiliated Markets/Shops
SrFBR Registered Shop Name
1Metro Pakistan
2Car sale outlets
3Sweet shops
5Famous foods point
6Gourmet Foods
8Pizza shop
9Bakery shop
10Shoe sale shops

The government of Pakistan and FBR will distribute Rs. 53 Million to the valid customers of the POS invoicing System. FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winner List POS System check online. How to claim, register & claim the winning prize FBR Winners list online check by name FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024.

The Federal Board of Revenue has announced a very interesting FBR POS award program in which you can earn 10,000,000 rupees every month. FBR announces prizes for the purchase of any item from FBR POS stores/retailers/department stores. The list of FBR Lucky Draw winners will be announced on 2024, the FBR Third Lucky Draw.

What is FBR Shops Registered / Eligible?

The Federal Board of Revenue has announced the list of verified and registered shops, markets, and hotels that are affiliated with this authority. These are shoe sale shops, Superstores, car sale outlets, sweet shops, Bakery shops, hotels, Pizza shops, Metro Pakistan, Gourmet Foods, all types of famous food points, etc.

FBR Prize Amount Winning Money
Sr.No. Prize ListWinning AmountTotal FBR Prize
1The First Prize amount is10,00000 PKR1 Prize
2The second Prize amount is500, 000 PKR2 Prize
3Third Prize Amount250, 000 PKR4 Prize
4Fourth Prize Amount50,000 PKR1000 Prize

The first prize of 1 million rupees will be given to the winner who purchases from retailers that are integrated with POS terminals. There will be four prizes third prize of 250,000 rupees each, and two prizes/a second prize of 500,000 rupees each.

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There will also be a long list of public prizes of Rs 50,000 per 1,000 people. FBR POS lucky draw Result September 2024 online check by this portal. There will be total prizes of Rs. 53 million for winners who will accept integrated POS invoices for their purchases.

FBR Lucky Draw Winners List 15 September 2024

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