Wednesday , December 7 2022

Green Line Bus Karachi Route, Fare, Station and Tickets Price

Karachi Green Line Metro (KGLM) has been titled rapid bus transportation.  Prime Minister of Pakistan is the latest project which is under construction in the biggest city of Pakistan in (Sindh) Karachi. You will read the latest updates/contents shared to you about the Green Line Bus Karachi Route, Fare, Station, & Tickets Price detail according to the current updates. Introduction to Karachi green line bus service is being inaugurated today by (P.M) Prime minister of Pakistan. Karachi Green Line Metro Rapid Bus is introduced in Karachi as a rapid & Modern transport system.

Green Line Bus Karachi Route, Fare, Station and Tickets Price

Below you will get updates & complete details regarding the Green Line Bus Karachi route, stations, maps, and how many stations have been established. Govt has reported through rapid service launched by PM Pakistan up to 300,000/- passengers will move in (24 Hours) from 1st station (Surjani Town) to the last station (Municipal Park).

GreenLine Bus Karachi Route and Stations List

The travelers must know the route & what is the pathway of the Green Line bus GLB. What are the maps & stations of the Karachi Green metro bus (BRT) service inaugurated by PM Pakistan this week? The 1st station of the modern & rapid Line Metro transport System is Chowrangi (Kesc Power House). The bus will start from the beginning travel point, it is called the starting point of Green Line Bus Karachi Route Karachi Pakistan.

So the termination point is Municipal Park (Karachi) located in the last and termination of Green bus service that will pass through, Guru Mandir, Nazim Abad Nagan Chowrangi. What is the total no of BRT stations, there are up to 25 stations that have been set up for Green Line Bus Karachi stations. You should know that up to 3 Lacs passengers/travelers will travel on daily basis in 24 Hours through the Karachi Green bus (BRT).

GreenLine Bus Karachi Ticket Price Detail

The travelers must know the necessary information regarding the detail about the price and Tickets of Green Line Bus Karachi. Govt of Pakistan now has not announced the fare and tickets price of Green Line bus fare BRT but, experts have said that it is expecting that the Govt of Pakistan will set a minimum fare of Rs. 15/- and a maximum fare of Rs.55/- for Karachi Green metro bus service.

GreenLine Bus Karachi Route Inauguration by Prime minister of Pakistan