Tuesday , October 4 2022

Hassan Iqbal Hareem Shah Tik Tok Star Interview

Now a days the latest is about Hareem Shah marriage is going viral on social media. Hassan Iqbal Hareem Shah news also is the part of this news. Famous Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah has decided to answer the Hassan Iqbal in a legal way. As per statement of her said in a interview that he has used her to make Tik Tok video with her for the purposes of becoming famous.

Hassan Iqbal Hareem Shah Tik Tok Star Interview

Hassan Iqbal has utlized the Famous tik tok star Hareem shah to get fame and reputation on social media. There are millions of her fans that want to know the reality behind this schene between them. She has further announced that now she has tied a knot with someone and later on she will share her husband’s pictures via social media.

Interview about Hassan Iqbal Hareem Shah Tik Toker

In a official interview she has replied that “She has not share anything with Hassan Iqbal & now she has decided to respond to him legally”. A picture of male and female hands has been shared by Hareem Shah just started gossip and debate about the pic.

She has confirmed that Hassan Iqbal is just her tik tok friends they used to make videos together for Tik Tok application. Here a link of a website attached about her wedding news and her latest fresh pictures.

Hareem Shah also confirmed about the picture of hands of male and female that that pic is of her friends not herself. Hassan Iqbal said that the hands of his friends not Hareem Shah. And he is not remembered from where location that pic has been captured.

Hassan Iqbal Hareem Shah Tik Tok Star Interview said about the confirmation of this news. The people first confirm the news seen on social media later on decide for good or bad argue.