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IPL Schedule 2023 Time Table, Vanue, Time

Every country in this world competes with one another in all walks of life like a sports game, speeches, exams, education, politics, and so many other activities are held inside a country and International Level. This news has been created for IPL Schedule 2023 Time Table announced and approved by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

IPL Schedule 2023 Time Table, Vanue, Time

PSL and IPI matches are held every year PCB issues the schedule and dates to hold the Cricket matches in Pakistan. On this website, you will be able to read IPL Schedule 2023 in the attachment table in picture format.

On this list attached see the number of matches, in which date, time, and day IPL match 2023 will be conducted. On this IPL Schedule 2023 also knows the venue, home, and away.

IPL Schedule 2023 Day, Date, Time, and Venue

The first match IPL 2023 is going to conduct on 09th April 2023 on Friday in Chennai India. First Match IPL will be played between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. 2nd match 2023 IPl can be seen between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals on dated 2023 on Saturday at 07:30 PM (Mumbai).

IPL 2023 Schedule Match List
SrMatch CompitionIPL Match DateTime Venue of MatchSrMatch CompitionIPL Match DateTime Venue of Match
1CSK  Vs  KKR02/04/202319:30:00Chennai38RR  Vs  Lucknow01/05/202315:30:00Jaipur
2SRH  Vs RR03/04/202319:30:00Hyderabad39CSK  Vs  SRH01/05/202319:30:00Chennai
3Ahmedabad  Vs  RCB04/04/202319:30:00Ahmedabad40DC Vs  Ahmedabad02/05/202319:30:00Delhi
4DC Vs  MI05/04/202319:30:00Delhi41SRH  Vs  KKR03/05/202319:30:00Hyderabad
5Lucknow  Vs  PBKS06/04/202319:30:00Mumbai42CSK  Vs RR04/05/202319:30:00Chennai
6KKR  Vs  SRH07/04/202319:30:00Kolkata43Lucknow  Vs  MI05/05/202319:30:00Mumbai
7RR  Vs DC08/04/202319:30:00Jaipur44Ahmedabad  Vs  KKR06/05/202319:30:00Ahmedabad
8RCB Vs  MI09/04/202315:30:00Bangalore45SRH  Vs  DC07/05/202315:30:00Hyderabad
9Lucknow  Vs  Ahmedabad09/04/202319:30:00Mumbai46RCB Vs  PBKS07/05/202319:30:00Bangalore
10PBKS  Vs  CSK10/04/202315:30:00Mohali47KKR  Vs  CSK08/05/202315:30:00Kolkata
11SRH  Vs  RCB10/04/202319:30:00Hyderabad48MI  Vs  DC08/05/202319:30:00Mumbai
12MI  Vs  Ahmedabad11/04/202319:30:00Mumbai49RCB Vs  Ahmedabad09/05/202319:30:00Bangalore
13DC Vs  KKR12/04/202319:30:00Delhi50PBKS  Vs  Lucknow10/05/202319:30:00Mohali
14CSK  Vs  RCB13/04/202319:30:00Chennai51RR  Vs  CSK11/05/202319:30:00Jaipur
15SRH  Vs  PBKS14/04/202315:30:00Hyderabad52PBKS  Vs  MI12/05/202319:30:00Mohali
16RR  Vs  KKR14/04/202319:30:00Jaipur53SRH  Vs  Lucknow13/05/202319:30:00Hyderabad
17Lucknow  Vs DC15/04/202319:30:00Mumbai54RR  Vs  RCB14/05/202319:30:00Jaipur
18Ahmedabad  Vs  CSK16/04/202315:30:00Ahmedabad55CSK  Vs  DC15/05/202315:30:00Chennai
19DC Vs  SRH16/04/202319:30:00Delhi56Ahmedabad  Vs  PBKS15/05/202319:30:00Ahmedabad
20RCB Vs RR17/04/202315:30:00Bangalore57MI  Vs  SRH16/05/202319:30:00Mumbai
21MI  Vs  Lucknow17/04/202319:30:00Mumbai58RCB Vs  KKR17/05/202319:30:00Bangalore
22KKR  Vs  Ahmedabad18/04/202319:30:00Kolkata59PBKS  Vs  DC18/05/202319:30:00Kolkata
23PBKS  Vs RR19/04/202319:30:00Mohali60Ahmedabad  Vs RR19/05/202319:30:00Indore
24MI  Vs  CSK20/04/202319:30:00Mumbai61KKR  Vs  MI20/05/202319:30:00Kolkata
25KKR  Vs  RCB21/04/202319:30:00Kolkata62Lucknow  Vs  SRH21/05/202315:30:00Lucknow
26DC Vs  PBKS22/04/202319:30:00Delhi63PBKS  Vs  RCB21/05/202319:30:00Kolkata
27SRH  Vs  MI23/04/202315:30:00Hyderabad64CSK  Vs  Ahmedabad22/05/202315:30:00Chennai
28RR  Vs  Ahmedabad23/04/202319:30:00Jaipur65Lucknow  Vs  KKR22/05/202319:30:00Lucknow
29CSK  Vs  Lucknow24/04/202315:30:00Chennai66MI  Vs RR23/05/202319:30:00Mumbai
30DC Vs  RCB24/04/202319:30:00Delhi67PBKS  Vs  SRH24/05/202319:30:00Kolkata
31Lucknow  Vs  CSK25/04/202319:30:00Mumbai68DC Vs  Lucknow25/05/202319:30:00Delhi
32Ahmedabad  Vs  SRH26/04/202319:30:00Ahmedabad69RCB Vs  CSK26/05/202319:30:00Bangalore
33KKR  Vs  PBKS27/04/202319:30:00Kolkata70KKR  Vs RR27/05/202319:30:00Kolkata
34RR  Vs  MI28/04/202319:30:00Jaipur71Qualifier-129/05/202319:30:00Mumbai
35RCB Vs  Lucknow29/04/202319:30:00Bangalore72Eliminator30/05/202319:30:00Mumbai
36Ahmedabad  Vs  DC30/04/202315:30:00Ahmedabad73Qualifier-201/06/202319:30:00Chennai
37MI  Vs  PBKS30/04/202319:30:00Mumbai74FINAL03/06/202319:30:00Chennai

IPL Schedule 2023 Day, Date, Time, Venue & Teams chart is very useful for cricket lovers. This chart is used to see the IPL Match schedule 2023. 3rd IPL Match 2023 will be played on 11th April 2023 on Sun at 07:30 PM. 3rd match is played in Chennai between Sunrises Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Total 33 IPL matches will be played in India according to IPL Schedule 2023 Day, Date, Time, Venue & Teams. All these matches are being played in India. The IPL last match 2023 will play between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab kings at Ahmadabad. The last match is on 06-05-2023 on Thursday.

IPL Schedule 2023 Day, Date, Time, Venue & Teams

IPL Schedule 2023 Day, Date, Time, Venue & Teams list. IPL Match 2023 schedule online check here uploaded by PCB Pakistan Cricket Board. IPL Match timetable and time frame check online.