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Junaid Safdar Wedding Shawl Price 3 Million PKR

For 6 months we are listening to the news of the Junaid Safdar Wedding ceremony which was held in London. Later on, its grand function of the Walima ceremony was held in Lahore (Jati Umra) and Islamabad also. Today social media is also discussing the Junaid Safdar Wedding Shawl putting on his wedding ceremony see in the pictures. Peoples want to know the price of the shawl worn by the son of Mariam Nawaz Junaid Safdar.

Junaid Safdar Wedding Shawl Price 3 Million Rials

What is the estimated cost of the Junaid Safdar Wedding Shawl Price is told about 3 million PKR. Its natural color is gold pictures of Shaal see here. Junaid is looking elegant in a shawl and his spouse/wife was seen in beautiful but extravagant wedding attire. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (PMLN) was also seen at his grandson’s wedding.

Junaid Safdar Wedding Shawl Price

Recently, mother Maryam Nawaz lit her son’s party while singing in her emotional voice. People and his fans have noticed that he has put on Shawl at his Mehandi ceremony. Junaid Safdar’s Wedding Shawl is made of Gold and is the original Shatoosh having a price in the US. 17000 $.

What caught the attention of the audience at the big Junaid henna ceremony was the 7 Yard and 70 Year old mulberry shawl that looked brand new. Junaid Safdar’s Wedding Shawl worn on his Mehandi function cost Rs. 30,00000 rupees.

Junaid Safdar’s shawl worn on the occasion of Mehndi is in the headlines because of its immense price and amazing quality. Junaid Safdar, son of politician Maryam Nawaz, got married to Ayesha Baig this winter at a solemn reception in Lahore, which was attended by millions of famous faces.

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