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Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu, Arabic, English Shabe Qadr

The month of Ramadan starts on the month of 03rd April 2022. Laylatul Qadr night is observed in the month of Ramadan on the 27th Shabe Qadar. Read Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu to learn and understand the meaning of Dua Laylatul Qadr Dua. On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr, he said: The Messenger of God, peace, and blessings be upon him, said that read the Quran in the month of Ramadan as much as you can and learn what messages are given to us.

Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu, Arabic, English Shabe Qadr

Ramadan is too much Holly month for all of us. Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu and Arabic see pictures hereby attached.  Al-Bukhari, Anwar Al-Hadis Hazrat Aisha Radialahu Anha ni Varmaya Ki Min Hozur Swalalahu (SWW) Si Bucha Ki “Oh Messenger of God Ajar Mozku young man-kader Malum is Jay me usme kya karu?”

Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu Online Read

 I said: I can do better than that… until he said that then read it once every seven days, and do no more than that it is about 1400 years ago, a man was concerned with what the people around him were doing every day, gambling, drinking wine, getting drunk, and worshiping handicrafts.

Idols of clay and man-made dirt which were nothing but a piece of human production were taking a break from it all for some time in a cave called Hira in Mecca. Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu learns online placed in text and pictures. The Night of Power. Read and download supplications, surahs, supplications, quotes, pictures, and hadiths of Laylat al-Qadr before Ramadan 1443. Watch the video story to explain the importance of this night.

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Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu Translation

Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu, Arabic, and English read online Shab e Qadr Dua also read Sehr and after time. Lailatul Qadar ki Fazeelat, meaning, and brief information. Read Translation of Lailtul Qadar in Urdu, English.

اَللَّهُمَّ  إِنَّكَ  عَفْو ٌ تٌحِبٌّ  العَفْو َ فَأَعْفَوْ عَنِّي

Allahumma Innaka Aafuwon Tuhibu AlAaffwa FAafu Aanni

The Night of Power kicks off on May 28, 2022, Friday night for one day only in every part of the world. If you are looking for Shab e Qadr ki dua, Namaz, Ibadat, Fazilat, and Nishaniyan then here is the right post for you.

Laylatul Qadr Dua in Urdu, Arabic, English Shab e Qadr Dua

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