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LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List Check Live Scores Updates

Get this is another opportunity for the people of Pakistan that Lu Biscuits Lucky Draw List has been announced. This is the only source Lucky Draw Quarandaazi is also another best way to become a millionaire and rich person. How to get a bumper prize and take part in the LU Lucky draw to see what is the method. LU Biscuit Qurandaazi is held every month of the year. Hereby visit this website and check the result online. is the last date for LU Biscuits Lucky draw winners.

LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List

Participate in the LU Biscuit crorepati Quarandaazi every month for free to win valuable prizes. LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List has been published here see below how to participate in LU Tuk biscuits Qurandaazi February. There are several brands and products prepared by LU biscuits company. Buy Prince biscuits and Tiger biscuits and be a part of LU Qurandaazi through the lucky draw scheme.

How to be Part of LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List

  • First of all, buy a LU promo pack from any dealer shop.
  • Find the code on Promo Pack and scratch it to find the code.
  • Then give a missed call at the following number to win the prizes.
  • LU’s contact number for the missed call is 0316 722 5225
  • Must follow up on the terms and conditions fixed by the LU company.

On the official website page LU, the Facebook page gets necessary information regarding how to scratch and win valuable prizes like cars, motorcycles, PlayStations, and much more. Who is the owner of LU Biscuits in Pakistan? This is a continental Busicuits company that works in Pakistan and is the owner. This is the registered and majority of Pakistan company LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List check live updates.

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Owner of Lu Biscuits in Pakistan

There are several shares of LU in Pakistan and this is the continental Busicuits company that has 503 ft shares in LU while Wondelei International that has up to 49.5 shares that are remaining shares of LU company.

Frequently asked question by LU Biscuits Company Who is the owner of LU Biscuits in Pakistan? Who is the owner of Lu Biscuits abroad? Here just check the result of the LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List Result Tiger and prince lucky draw.

Terms and Conditions LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List

You must have a valid CNIC number, mobile phone number, and winning entry pack and you must prove your identity. It is for the participants that will be bound to receive and answer all calls or messages sent from LU Biscuits Company. You will also receive any promotional, launch of products, surveys, campaigns, etc receive all messages, etc to participate in LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List.

LU Biscuits Lucky Draw List Result Contental Owner LU Product. Continental LU Qurandaazi result terms and conditions, how to scratch the promo pack of LU Tuk crorepati lucky draw result.

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