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Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan 2024 Download Festival Images

This is great news for the citizens of Karachi Pakistan that the Marigold Festival Karachi is going to be started today from 2024. People of Karachi are seen as happy and excited about the start of the Mari Gold Festival. This festival is celebrated every year in Pakistan. This festival Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan will be held at Frere Hall Karachi with effect from 2024 (Friday to Sunday). See here Marigold Festival pictures.

Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan

The Marigold Festival is decorated with so many flowers, plants, colorful lighting, and enjoyable music. These shows live shows are also conducted by musicians and artists. The first Karachi Marigold Festival is being arranged and managed by Metropolitan Corporation’s Park & Horticultural Department in Karachi Pakistan. You will see attractive pictures of the Mari Gold Festival.

Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan Pictures

This is the best time for the people of Karachi to enjoy the Marigold Festival Karachi for 3 days in 2024. It has been reported that all arrangements and management have been completed people of Pakistan have started to search for this event on social media. According to the latest updates that there are a crowd of people is being seen before the start of this event.

Metropolitan Corporation’s Park & Horticultural Department has arranged this event with the best plans and sources are being used for the best interest of the people. Due to COVID-19, people will be allowed to enter the premises of MariGold Festival Karachi Pakistan by wearing a face mask. All precautionary measures will be ensured due to Pandemic Corona Virus COVID-19.

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Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan

In the statements, it has been spoken that a large variety of Nursery and flower exhibitions have taken part to increase the beauty of MariGold Festival Karachi. It is not confirmed yet whether entry into the Mari Gold Festival is free or if some charges will be fixed.

Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan 2024. Mari Gold Festival pictures Karachi Pakistan. Metropolitan Corporation’s Park & Horticultural Department has held the Marigold Festival Karachi Pakistan.

Before this time in Karachi no exhibition was held This is the first Marigold Festival Karachi has been constituted in Frere Hall. It has been seen that so many other organizations and companies are taking part in the Mari Gold Festival in Karachi Pakistan. See here the pictures of this festival.

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