Monday , June 5 2023

On Monday Matric Maths Paper Leaked 2023 BSEK on Social Media

Breaking News: This is the latest news that before the start of 30 minutes, Matric Maths Paper leaked in Karachi. Today it was the 3rd paper on the Sindh Education Board when the Matric Mathematics paper leaked thirty minutes before starting the annual exam of this subject. This news is going viral on social media why this happened the negligence of the Government which is responsible for this crime?

On Monday Matric Maths Paper Leaked 2021 BSEK on Social Media

The education minister now should change the schedule of the math paper it should be held in the coming next days. The paper on mathematics should be held on 5th July 2023 on Monday at 9:30 AM but at 9 AM the Matric Match Paper leaked and shared on social media which is the very largest network. The chairperson of the Secondary School certificate has suspended the guilty persons.

Math paper 10th class 2023 leaked before starting the exam the examiners were found negligent in this regard. All the staff and examiners are liable to penalty and punishment as per SOPs.

Board of Secondary Education Karachi Matric Maths Paper Leaked

The other day, the physics paper was shared on social media after attempting it. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah who is the chairperson of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi has explained on social media that distributing the paper during the exam which is the prime duty of Central Control Officers has been suspended now.

As the CCO’s Central Control Officers have been suspended and this charge has been given to the superintendent of exams has been given the authority to collect and distribute the paper during the start of exams.

The news about the leaked maths paper 2023 held by BSEK Karachi Board.

Board of Secondary Education Karachi chairperson Syed Sharaf Ali Shah has also announced the hubs have been enhanced from 11 now it is 18. The primary responsibility of hubs is to deliver the paper timely to the students within no time.

It is the responsibility of the Bise Board if the news scattered about the Maths paper leak 2023 on social media.

In the past rangers personnel used to be deployed to check the arrangements for exams. Matric Maths Paper Leaked 2023 is called a big blunder that happened by the BSEK Karachi boards. Shah has also announced that in the future they will make better procedures to prevent paper leaking.

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