Tuesday , March 21 2023

Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Homemade Remedy

This is good news for Pakistani people that Pakistan has made its own Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Homemade Remedy to meet the Pandemic Coronavirus situation. The news went viral on social media that Pakistan has developed its own label Pak Vac by using home remedy tricks. This is a great achievement and wellness for Pakistan country that with the help of Cansino Bio China, it has made Covid Vaccination.

Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Homemade Remedy

On Monday 24th May 2021, Pakistan officially announced that it has launched its own Covid Vaccine PakVac vaccine. China Cansino Bio has aided in this regard and officially announced it after a rigorous quality control check. No doubt that every country getting struggling to prepare for the Covid Vaccination by its own means to compete with the Coronavirus earliest.

Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Homemade Covid Vaccination

People of the world are searching for this greatest achievement that Pakistan is launching its Covid Vaccine PakVac Covid Vaccination. In the month of February 2021, Pakistan started its campaign about vaccines received from China. Pakistan has applied the vaccine to the first-line health care then senior citizens of Pakistan.

Now gradually the Vaccination is being applied to above 60 years old, 50 and now 30 years above the Vaccination is being applied. As reported Pakistan has vaccinated above fine million citizens against Corona. A tweet has been shared on Twitter by Faisal Sultan about this Vaccination. This is a Chinese vaccine in Pakistan name Covid Vaccine PakVac.

Pakistan Launched Covid Vaccine PakVac

Faisal Sultan says in a tweet Congratulations to the NIH Pak team and its leadership for successfully filling and finishing the Cansino Vaccine with the help of Cansino Bio after rigorous quality control checks. NIH says officially that Raw materials have been received in Pakistan and at the end of May Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac, Homemade Remedy will be started to deliver.