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Pakistan Delta Variant Covid 19 Report

As per resources for social media this news Pakistan Delta Variant spreading across the country. First, it was identified and observed in India by last October. After India Delta Variant is being experienced in so many countries. Islamabad news reported that the Pakistan Delta Variant of Covid-19 is also spreading fastly in Pakistan also.

Pakistan Delta Variant Covid 19 Report

This news about Pakistan Delta Variant Covid 19 Report has been said by the official of the Govt Department National of Institute of Health and Sciences (NIH). On dated 10th July 2021 Saturday this news went viral on social media that in Pakistan country that due to highly contagious strain positive cases are being registered on daily basis.

Pakistan Delta Variant Covid-19 Corona Virus

On Saturday 10-07-2021 daily positive rate has been jumped to 3.8 % from 1.79 %. Pakistan has reported more than 1700 new infections. In Federal Capital, the positive rate is said at 7.1%.

It is reported on 28/06/2021 that in the last few weeks, the third wave of the Pandemic Coronavirus has to get declined. But the daily positivity Pakistan Delta Variant has increased by 2 %.

In Islamabad, the Deputy Commissioner has reported that in the last 24 hours, the positivity ratio has increased up to 7.1%. It is also reported by the focal person of the National Institute of Health (NIH) that this is not a good sign that daily Corona patients are going to be found in Delta Variant Pakistan.

Dr. Mumtaz has also said that tourists and travelers coming from different countries such as the UK and the US had imported Delta Variant into Pakistan. He said more than Pakistan Delta Variant is now to be seen that it is deadliest than other strains.

Pakistan Delta Variant Covid 19 Report Get Online

NIH focal person Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan has said more than all types of variants have been detected in Pakistan including South Africa & the United Kingdom (UK). Pakistan Delta Variant spreading quickly in Pakistan.