Tuesday , March 28 2023

Prize Bond 7500 15000 closed in Pakistan Finance Department Notification

The government of Pakistan sells and purchase all prize bond and draw the lucky draw Qurandaazi every month. Govt Announces Prize Bond of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 & 40000 respectively. On dated 28th April 2021 has announced the Prize Bond 7500 15000 closed in Pakistan notification. From now PB of Rs. 7500 and 15000 will not be entertained and included in Qurandaazi.


The government of Pakistan Minister of Finance Division has announced the not regarding the closing of the Lucky Draw of National Prize Bond 7500 & 15000 will be no more. The news has been shared on Facebook by prize info. All citizens of Pakistan who have the prize bond can change with the bank during office timing.

Prize Bond 7500 15000 closed By Government of Pakistan

All Prize Bond holders are directed to change the Prize Bond 7500 15000 closed with registered premium PB of Rs. 25000 and 40000. These PB can be altered from any of the following bank offices National Bank of Pakistan, US Bank and Habib bank, Alflah, Allied, and MCB Bank.

It is announced that PB can also be replaced with DSC and SSC certificates. SSC stands for Special Saving certificate and Def Saving certificate. These are the 26 field offices of SBP Banking authorized by the National Savings center and Commercial Banks.

Islamabad: As per the notification issued by the Government of Pakistan Finance Division Budget wing Prize Bond 7500 15000 closed in Pakistan and will not be sold by now. It is informed to all PB holders, sales, and purchasers to change the PB at the earliest from the 16 registered Banking offices in Pakistan.