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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 Pakistan National Savings


The Central Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan is announced the Pakistan National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 from January to December 2022 and organized these prize bond series are Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40000 and Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond online lucky draws are balloting on the official website of the government at

Pakistan National Savings Prize Bond Schedule 2022

In our country, only one bank is dealing with prize bond winners are the State Bank of Pakistan is controlled the whole worth of money that is given to the won persons. This bank is managing the all money worth in the prize bond lucky draw results.

The other western countries are called the prize bond as a lottery scheme and are very famous in these countries. Many people can purchase the prize bond all series include students, job keepers, shopkeepers, household wives, teachers, and the biggest businessmen in our country. The prize bonds consist of less than 10,00000 series.

In the previous centuries, each country has money schemes in the shape of lottery schemes but now in the twenty-two century, it has the body name of National Savings and Investments are working for the poor people of Pakistan under the Act 1971 before this act saving organization is as popular.

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National Savings of Pakistan Bank and the autonomy is starting proper fieldwork in the year of 1944 to 1945 for the whole community of our country very well and liable to all work of administration and conducted the prize bond draws in various cities are Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar Karachi, Quetta and Rawalpindi in the entire year of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. Online you can free download Prize Bond Schedule 2022 here.

State Bank of Pakistan is managed all money worth in the prize bond lucky draw results and controls this magic scheme of money and the other western countries called the prize bond is a lottery scheme and he is very popular in these countries. Pakistan State Bank is a single bank who is managed all value of wealth and played its responsibility with the fairway.

National Savings of Pakistan issued the complete schedule of prize bonds draw will be held in the whole year in 2022 from 01st, January to 31st, December 2022 to 2022 government of Punjab province here you can check online all updates about prize bond draws will be available soon here at always uploads a full list of results early soon.


                           In case of draw falls on public holidays the draw will be held on the following working day.

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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 Full List Download

Check Prize Bond Schedule 2022 From January To December 2022

You will also be happy to know about that as the people and masses of Pakistan are using Prize Bond to save and hoard money for the future life, there are also several countries in the entire and whole world which are using, buying and hoarding Prize Board for the successful life in the future and some name of the countries are following Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etcetera.

You Know What is Prize Bonds?

We know that Prize Bond means saving and hoarding money for the coming future life so that in good days and bad days we can face issues and troubles and we can do our work easily and quickly. Several years ago people had been saved money in the Trunk or the people saved money beneath the earth. But as time is passing people have found so many ways and methods to save and protect their money for their future life to live alive and happy.

And if there are lots of money and the ability to bear and tolerate to face expenditure so we may not face, repent and regret any difficulties and troubles in the future life. Prize bond is the very best and rare way and mode for saving money, and it is the very easiest way to get anything else or buy anything from the markets as you required or you like and want.

The people of Pakistan are being successful and triumphant by buying and utilizing PrizeBond, by the passage of time the people are buying Prize Bond so much because they also want to become rich people in the world and they also want to execute their desire and they want to accomplish their child’s desire.

There are also lots of methods of saving and hoarding money such as saving money in a bank and saving money in a house or saving money to lend someone loads for the proper and right motive, so on there are so many ways and paths to save and hoard money and rupees. But you also know that Prize Bond is also a right and proper way to save and amass money for future life. People can acquire and achieve Prize Bonds from everywhere like markets, shops, Banks etcetera.  

In the modern age of now, everybody is busy in their self and trying to become rich and for that purpose, they were doing hard and good work day and night because people are thinking to the future not thinking about the current time period except at a limit that thoughts are excellent but a lot of citizens are losing their happiness for getting their dreams.

Extraordinary and smart people try to change their luck through the scheme of money, in other words, you can call him a lottery scheme because it is really a great project to become a millionaire in a few days it will happen to strong as financial level.

It’s a good thing for the poor people and a common person in our country because we don’t have any other option to get a huge amount of money any other way of occupation and business except for this Qoumi bonds is available in all shops, banks, and markets.

Pakistan National Savings is the only department that is conducted the Prize Bond List 2020 on the official website where the whole year many draws are held for the public of our nation. If you think about all series of prize bonds then you can conclude the final result that it is a really a great scheme of our Government who is established in the year of 1944 to 45 for the welfare of the inhabitant of our kingdom and it was also succeeded their mission now because the community is full to known the history of this foundation.

Prize Bond Lucky Draw Schedule Full List 2022

Rs. 15,000/- 03 January 2022 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 750/- 17 January 2022 Monday Hyderabad
Rs. 7500/- 1 February 2022 Tuesday Lahore
Rs. 25,000/- 1 February 2022 Tuesday N/A
Rs. 1,500/- 15 February 2022 Tuesday Quetta
Rs. 100/- 15 February 2022 Tuesday Karachi
Rs. 40,000/- 10 March 2022 Thursday Rawalpindi
Rs. 200/- 15 March 2022 Tuesday Faisalabad
Rs. 1,500/- 1 April 2022 Friday Hyderabad
Rs. 750/- 15 April 2022 Friday Quetta
Rs. 7500/- 2 May 2022 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs. 25,000/- 2 May 2022 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 100/- 16 May 2022 Monday Multan
Rs. 1,500/- 16 May 2022 Monday Karachi
Rs. 40,000/- 10 June 2022 Friday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 200/- 15 June 2022 Wednesday Peshawar
Rs. 15,000/- 01 July 2022 Friday Quetta
Rs. 750/- 15 July 2022 Friday Lahore
Rs. 25,000/- 1 August 2022 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 7,500/- 1 August 2022 Monday Karachi
Rs. 100/- 15 August 2022 Monday Faisalabad
Rs. 1,500/- 15 August 2022 Monday Multan
Rs. 40,000/- 1 September 2022 Thursday Peshawar
Rs. 200/- 15 September 2022 Thursday Hyderabad
Rs. 15,000/- 3 October 2022 Monday Karachi
Rs. 750/- 17 October 2022 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs. 25,000/- 3 October 2022 Monday Quetta
Rs. 7,500/- 1 November 2022 Tuesday Multan
Rs. 1,500/- 15 November 2022 Tuesday Faisalabad
Rs. 100/- 15 November 2022 Tuesday Peshawar
Rs. 40,000/- 01 December 2022 Thursday Lahore
Rs. 200/- 01 December 2022 Thursday Hyderabad

The Government of Punjab province and National Savings of Pakistan is issued the complete schedule of prize bonds draw will be held in the whole year in 2022 from 01st January to 31st December 2022 all the users can check online here all updates about the prize bond draws full lists will be available soon here at always busy to provide the latest prize bond draw schedule 2022.