Friday , December 8 2023

Download SNC Training Schedule 2023 How to Register

SNC stands for (Single National Curriculum) and its schedule has been officially announced by Government. It is the official call for the training of public & private teachers. SNC Training Schedule 2023 has been officially scheduled for the training of the teachers by an online platform named Single National Curriculum. This is an official website and platform launched by the Government for all the teachers to attend the training session at this online website.

Download SNC Training Schedule 2022 How to Register

The government of Pakistan had established 18 Batches and companies to get online teacher training in session. SNC Training Schedule 2023 has been announced so the training sessions are being started from 14th July 2023 Wednesday 18th September 2023 Saturday.

-SNC Training Schedule 2023 Time & Date Announced

Single National Training is for all teachers of private and public educational institutes. The motto of SNC is to launch one curriculum for all private & public institutions. How to check your batch no by entering CNIC. A link is given at the end click on the link type your National Identity Card number and see in which batch no you will appear to attend the training session online at Single National Training session.

SNC Stands for Single National Training

SNC Training Schedule 2023 starts on 14-07-2023 Wednesday.

SNC Training Schedule 2023 starts on 18-09-2023 Saturday.

Each Batch will get online training for 3 days.

Teachers should check their batch no at the SNC website by entering their CNIC card no.

How to Check the SNC Training Schedule 2023

The candidate must have a valid CNIC.

Visit the Single National Training website to check your batch and training dates.

First of all register yourself.

Then log in by entering your Id.

Then click on the notification icon to check the schedule.

Now the teacher should provide your CNIC card number in search.

Click on search to check the SNC training date and Batch #.

SNC Registration Online Training