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SOPS Issued for Hair and Beauty Salons / Parlors 2022

Govt. Issued SOP Hair Beauty Salon Parlors

Government Issued SOPS for Hair Beauty Salons

The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued the notification in 2022 in which SOPS for Hair and Beauty Salons / Parlors in 2022 to prevent COVID-19 spreading in Pakistan then the barber shopkeepers have a permit to continue their work but remember these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while working.

The basic purpose is the safety of the people to prevent the deadly disease of coronavirus. So everyone obey these rules and regulations for stopped the spreading of corona in Pakistan.

Hair Beauty Salons SOPS Basic Purpose

COVID-2019 is a high transmission disease that spreads through respiratory droplets produced during coughing, sneezing, and talking of infected persons. The droplets may contaminate the surfaces and hands. Touching eyes, mouth, and nose with contaminated hands transmit the virus that affects the respiratory system. Salons are required to observe the following precautionary measures to avoid disease spread in our country.

Who do you wash your hands with?

Use facility for handwashing with soap or sanitizer must be provided at the salon.

Salon staff must wash hands with soap before attending to every customer.

How to avoid inhaling other persons?

Both salon staff and customers shall wear face masks compulsory.

How to prevent Social Distancing?

Avoid overcrowding by providing service to customers on appointment only; follow one customer at a time policy.

No handshake or hugging is allowed.

No customer should be allowed in the waiting area.

Limit customer numbers up to 50% of total salons capacity at a time and a 2-meter square inter customer distance should be maintained.

How to Cleanliness of Shops and Disinfection of Her Tools

The salon must be well lit and ventilated have open windows and doors or be fitted with an exhaust fan. If the salon is air-conditioned, then ventilation should be ensured after one hour by opening doors and windows or exhaust fan should be operative all the time.

Avoid the use of the towel.

Furniture, doors, chairs, and other high-touch surfaces should be disinfected with 0.05% chlorine solution prepared on daily basis.

All used tools and customer chairs must be disinfected with a chlorine solution before attending to every customer.

Metallic tools like scissor nail cutters, tweezers, etc, should be disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectant. Chlorine should be avoided due to its corrosive action which may damage the tools.

Use disposable foam, sponge, and other porous tools and discard them after a single-use.


                Approved awareness material regarding COVID 19 should be displayed in the shop at prominent places; the Urdu version of SOPs is appended herewith for wider circulation.

Download SOP for Hairy & Beauty Salons Parlors in Urdu Here

SOP Hair Beauty Parlors in Urdu Download Download Urdu SOP Beauty Parlors Salons Hair

All the SOPS for Hair and Beauty Parlors must have been implemented in their shops and houses especially ladies can adapt these terms and conditions applied when they do make up for a woman.

Captain ® Muhammad Usman Secretary of Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department has announced rescue measures for the public. During Eid-ul-Fitr Days and in Ramadan so remember that’s points are prepared by the Government of Pakistan SOP Hair and Beauty Salons / Parlors 2022 to make perfect in their routine work.