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Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 PMD News 25th October 2022

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) is sharing the latest news about the Solar eclipse and Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022. What is the exact date and time of Soraj Garahan announced by the PMD department?

PMD department is liable for offering meteorological support all across Pakistan to wide classifications of interest and for a considerable length of time exercises & project that needs climatic data, solar and lunar eclipse.

Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 PMD News

Aside from Meteorology, the division is additionally expanding administrations in the areas of Hydrology, Earthquake Seismology, and Geomagnetism.

PMD works under World Meteorological Organization (WMO) umbrella as 198 part conditions of the world and goes about as the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Pakistan. Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 as per PMD announcement that will be seen at midnight of April 30 and May 1.

Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 PMD News Time Date

PMD Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022-23 Pakistan Metropolitan Department Islamabad. Soraj Garahan updates the time and date check online this year 3 types of Solar eclipse information. Also, read what is called Suraj Grehan. It is when the moon comes between Sun & earth it is next repeated after 177 days and 4 Hrs.

Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 PMD News 25th October 2022

The Last Suraj Garahan in Pakistan 2022 is coming this month on Tuesday dated 25th October 2022. The starting time is 03:40 PM and the ending time is 06:09 PM the maximum impact is shown at 04:30 PM for people can avoid to this time walking on the roads and open sky.

3 Types of Suraj Grahan

There are 3 types of Sooraj Garahan. 1st is partial Soraj Grahan. 2nd Annular Suraj Grehan. 3rd is Hybrid Suraj Grehan.

For more updates and information about Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022 2023, you can contact to Pakistan Meteorological Department. Visit PMD headquarters at Islamabad H-8/2.

Call this helpline number at 092 51 111 638 638. Or send an email with your suggestion and question to Furthermore, keep visiting this web platform to get updates about Solar Eclipse 2022.

PMD Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 2022-23 Time and Date