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PIFRA Salary Slip Registration for Govt. Employees Online

Govt. of Pakistan Finance department has a smart opportunity for the whole Male and Female employees to get their Monthly payroll and salary slips online at the PIFRA website simply the way I will tell you about the complete method of how you can apply for payroll and PIFRA Salary Slip online under the below check it.

Do you know about PIFRA? All the Government Departments of Pakistan Employees, Male, and Female, including doctors, teachers, job holders, high-level officers, and juniors clerks of colleges and schools staff, want to download the salary slips then the

Govt. Employees Online PIFRA Salary Slip 2024 Email Registration

Govt Employees Salary Slip Free Download

Follow the instructions given Below:

Information Needs for Getting the Online Salary Slip Download:

  • Province (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Sarhad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  • The Employee Should be a member of Govt. Departments
  • Employees have a Personal Number
  • Full Name
  • New CNIC Number
  • DOB, Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Yahoo or Gmail Email Address
  • Scale
  • Free Download Online Pifra Payroll Salary

How to Email Register for PIFRA Salary Slip 2024 of Government Employees

Setup 1:-

Open the

Firstly You Click the Email for free salary slip Registration Form to register for PIFRA Salary Slip 2024 online:

Teachers Salary Pay Slip Online Download

Setup 2:-

Fill out the full form, Pifra registration form filling instructions read it carefully.

Male Female Govt Employees Salary Slips Download

Select your personal information like

F = Federal,                        N = KP Govt,                      S = Sindh,

B = Balochistan,                P = Punjab,                         DGP = District Govt Punjab,

K = Kashmir,                      GB = Gilgit-Baltistan,       GBC = GB Council,

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C = Kashmir Council

Online Pifra Salary Pay Roll Sign Up

  1. Select the whole category in which you are working and type in Government Code box P=Punjab i.e.
  2. Insert the Employee’s Personnel No in the text box.
  3. And next, Enter Your CNIC Number (National Identity Card No) remembers only the New NIC number enters ok.
  4. After the Date of Birth enters in the next cell format I will explain it in the picture you can check it like 01.01.1965 ok?
  5. Mobile Number enters simply and presses this button I will give you under.How Can create salary slip online pifra

The next page appears on your screen type your correct email address carefully two times and press enter on your keyboard button if you fill the form correctly, then an SMS will be received with your registered phone number, and

next month your online salary slip download will include all allowances details like Medical, house rent, emergency, pension, PIFRA Salary Slip payroll and fund details charts to send you by the Pifra 2024  in your registered email address every month in this shape.

Now you have completed the whole procedure or criteria, sign up for Pifra Pay Rol Salary Slip 2024 Online and get the Government Employees (Sarkari Mulazmeen, Mulazmin) Registration online for PIFRA Salary Slip online download via the email address every month then you can log in to your Gmail

or Yahoo ID and get on each month your salary slip 2024  all the pay allowances details, bank accounts, Pension, payroll, medical, house, emergency, and other allowances details of all departments countdown. You can check easily in a PDF File to open this for the required Adobe Acrobat Reader to install your computer and see it.

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Government Employees Salary Online Create Account

Teachers Salary Pay Slip Roll Email RegisterIf you did not receive your PIFRA Salary Slip December 2024 in your email box, then comment below for guidance.

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Zeshan Akram, a professional blogger since 2013, specializes in educational content. With a Master's degree from AIOU, he is a trusted source for Pakistani education insights on