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Vulms Virtual University Learning Management System

VULMS Virtual University Learning Management System

What is Vulms vu edu pk

VULMS – Virtual University Learning Management System is only once university is provided the best VU Online Classes facility to the students in the whole world. It was established in the year 2002 for the welfare of the public and it was recognized by the HEC. The virtual university lms is a basic place to find all kind of information about the Virtual University of Pakistan.

It is a great to study center, where people can get information on communication technology online attend the classes, and listen to the lectures, are available on the internet after registration VU official website at vulms.vu.edu.pk. This vulms.vu.edu.pk link is fully entertained for LULMS platform. 

Purpose of VULMS Learning Management System

All the universities and colleges are providing regular classes and courses then if anyone has not timed for regular admission then they took admission throughout VU Virtual University for getting the education in her home without any difficulty and hesitation to face problems visiting public places.

In our country, Virtual University of Pakistan is once platform where people getting e to learn the system is firstly introduced of this best supportive study for especially jobholders, shopkeepers, private and government employees, students and housewives those have no time for going to the college and university then it was taking Vu online admission to fulfill their skills from there.

Home Base Education VULMS

How can Study with Virtual University of Pakistan

It is the first educational plate form in which people can gain knowledge to sit in their houses without going anywhere in tuition centers and universities. The University of Virtual has facilitated the trainee’s lectures through the internet, DVD, and television delivered for the betterment of the candidates.

Everyone to use the VULMS to see the video is sent to you when you can take VU Admission Online then you can watch full videos to know the examination method. It is introducing a simple way for everybody can read easily without any problem first you can register and get obtain personal VU Login and Password. Find complete vulms login id and password detail. 

VU Student Hand Book

In which the complete procedure of applying for admission and online courses lecture is broadcasting with television channels including are VTV1, 2, 3 and 4 at their the students can watch lecture timetable schedule of the official Virtual University Youtube channel link is uploaded here http://www.youtube.com/vu click to visit the legal VU Lecture Video website.

Anytime you can open this link to view all courses and programs videos are totally free of cost. The candidates of www.vulms.vu.edu.pk university can also visit Online VU Bookshop for purchasing the different books without any convenience check this link here http://bookshop.vu.edu.pk/.

The students of this uni can have the option to survey the Online VU Library where a lot of books are available for the searching and study of the children is provided by the Learning Management System (LMS).

VULMS Admission Online Apply 2020

Important Features of VULMS

VU has learned the undergraduate and post-graduate students as a semester wise like spring and autumn programs. People can select your favorite program and started her study to become the degree of this course and program.

It is a very easy and simple procedure of How to Study at VU in which some VULMS Features are described under the below you can read it carefully and understand the whole terms and conditions.

  • Update your personal information in their account
  • In their account university send you important announcements
  • Each time prepared your personal notes
  • Check your lecture schedule and timetable
  • Remember your lecture notes and write her diary
  • Free Downloading your VU Assignments after completing submission her solutions for marks
  • Anytime ask a question to your tutors and it was replied to you early soon
  • For getting knowledge and clear your mind to participate in seminars of question answers
  • Download VU Google Apps from Google play store for use mobile application of Virtual University to seeking knowledge  
  • VU Grade Book where you can check daily program and results in information
  • Submitted your VU Fee Vouchers at a time to continue studying in the banks
  • If you can lose your VU Login Password and ID then contact the administration

Full Student User Guaideness of VULMS Check Now

Online VU Admission Learning Management System

How to Submit Your Assignments on VULMS

How to prepare your VU Assignments the simple procedure we will explain full guidance step by step you can understand easily. Don’t worry about them first you can download virtual university assignments from VU official website after downloading read it fully.

Without wasting your time you can start to prepare when you can read then underline the important keywords like years, dates and quotes of the different authors then the next session is you can clear your doubts to question about her point and subject from VU Online Lectures Videos and quiz session where described your point of view in detailed.

Virtual University Learning Management System – VULMS have not any rules and regulations for the students it is requested to everyone have simply given him their personal vision in simple words of their VU question paper if you can copy data from computer and internet then the VU Tutors was misunderstood of their information about your subject and program.

So we can also request the students can provide the simple clean and clear raw fact data of their individual words and write at Microsoft word document then submit to the VU Tutors address for obtaining the VU assignment marks. If you can fail to submit your assignments before the last date then the university can give you a penalty or it failed you in the examination.

How to Recover Your VU ID Password

When you can forget VU ID Password or LMS Password then click forgot password and the administration is sending you to reset password link via the email address in few seconds that retrieve your lost password link expires after 24 hours remember it.

It is so fast and up to date computerized system is designed by the Punjab Information Technology most comprehensive software is designed for the help of the trainee. So don’t worry about forgetting your personal information about their VU Student ID and Password the virtual university is provided the link early within minutes for changing and create a new password.

The complete procedure of Reset Password is explained here you can read and understand to correct him.

Online VULMS Login Account ID Recover Forgot VU Account Password

VU Courses and Degree Programs for Studying

It is various degrees and diploma courses that are introducing for the students can choose any they have desired to learn for changing their career through this online learning system. Here below you can see all the VU Syllabus Courses and Degree Programs see now.


B.Ed (Elementary








In Detailed Courses & Degree Programs VULMS Check Here

All of us semester wise including autumn and spring for 02 years and 04 to 05 years programs.

VULMS Google Apps Download How to Install

This is another best service of VU Google Apps Download from Google Play Store and installs in your android mobile phone and computer within few seconds easily. After complete the installation you can first VULMS Login Account of your Student ID and enter the password then get the updated announcements about her exams, Notice Board in which dashboard is available My Courses, Quizzes, GDB, Results, Pending Fee and MDB Message Detail all of that services have consisted in this VULMS App Virtual University of Pakistan.

VULMS Campuses 200 Across in Pakistan

Check to Virtual Campuses Location, City, Address, Contact Number, Fax, and Email Address of these provinces including Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakthunkhwa (KPK), Azad Kashmir, Captial, Balochistan, and Gilgit Baltistan available here.

All VULMS Campuses Detail Click Here