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Youm-e-Difa 6th September 1965 Wallpapers Importance

Nishan-e-Haider – Pakistan’s Highest Military Award for Bravery We salute the Soldiers of the Pakistan Army who fought and gave their lives for our great country, Pakistan. The Highest Military Award of Pakistan Has Been Awarded to Shaheed Soldiers Who Have Shown Bravery and Courage in Times Of War & Border Battles (1948, 1956, 1965, 1971, 1999). Youm-e-Difa 6th September has great importance for the Pakistani to remember to sacrifices of our great heroes.

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

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Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Major Raja Aziz Bhatti received Pakistan’s highest award for valor. He was born in Hong Kong in 1928. He moved to Pakistan before it became independent in 1947, living in the village of Ladian, in the district of Gujrat. There he enlisted with the newly formed Pakistani Army and was commissioned into the Punjab Regiment in 1950.

Youm-e-Difa 6th September 1965 Wallpapers Importance

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His father’s name was Master Abdullah Bhatti, and his mother’s name was Bibi Amna. He had four brothers, Nazir, Bashir, Sardar, and Rashid, and two sisters, Rashida and Tahira. He himself had six children, four sons named Major Zafar Javed Bhatti, Dr. Zulfiquar Ahmad Bhatti, Rafique Ahmad Bhatti, and Iqbal Javed Bhatti, and two daughters named Riffat Bhatti and Zeenat Bhatti. Youm-e-Difa 6th September wallpapers download from this web.

Throughout his career, he was a brilliant officer and stood out in his class. He did very well at the Academy and was awarded the Sword of Honour best in his year’s batch of 300 officers, and the Norman Medal. He received his honors from Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was later assassinated. On 6 September 1965, the Indo-Pakistani War 1965 broke out between India and Pakistan. Major Bhatti was posted in the Burki area of the Lahore sector.

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As the company commander, Major Bhatti chose to move his platoon forward under constant firing from Indian tanks and artillery. 

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Havaldaar Lalak Jan Shaheed Youm-e-Difa 6th September 

Hav Lalak Jan of the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) was one of those many who as a junior leader fought from the forefront to thwart heavy enemy Indian attacks. He volunteered to be deployed on the front positions located at the jagged peak in May 1999.

He was born in Yasin, District Ghizer, in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Hav Lalak drove back many aggressive ventures by the Indian enemy and imposed colossal losses on them. On July 7th, Hav Lalak sustained serious injuries as enemies pounded the area with heavy mortar shelling. But despite being injured, he retained his position and frustrated the Indian assault.

He, however, succumbed to his injuries at the same post he was defending.  Hav Lalak was awarded the Nishan-i-Haider for his dauntless courage and devotion. 

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Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed

Rashid Minhas or Rashid Minhas Shaheed, (February 17, 1951–August 20, 1971) was a Pilot Officer in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) during the 1971 Pakistan-India War. He was born in Karachi. From an early age, Minhas was fascinated by aviation history and technology. He had collected different models of aircraft and jets. He studied at Saint Patrick’s High School, in Karachi.

He attended Karachi University where he studied military history and Aviation history. Having joined the air force, he was commissioned on 13 March 1971 in the 51st GD(P) Course; on August 20 of that year, he was getting ready to take off in a T-33 trainer in Karachi when a Bengali instructor pilot, Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman, gained his way into the back of the plane. He has been reported to have been watching Minhas closely for many weeks of his being new, young, and inexperienced. In mid-air, Rahman knocked Minhas out with the intention of defecting to India along with the plane. 

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Lance Naik Mohammad Mahfooz Shaheed

Born 25 October 1944 in Pind Malikan (now Mahfuzabad), Rawalpindi district. Enlisted in the Army on 25 October 1962. Serving in ‘A’ Company of 15 Punjab Regiment when war broke out in 1971. Lance Naik Mohammad Mahfuz was deployed in the Wagha-Attari Sector in East Pakistan where his company was pinned down by unceasing frontal and crossfire from automatic weapons.

Although his machine gun was destroyed by an enemy shell, Mahfuz advanced toward an enemy bunker whose automatic fire had inflicted heavy casualties. Even though wounded in both legs by shell splinters, when he reached the bunker he stood up and pounced on the enemy, but was hit.

Although unarmed, he caught hold of one enemy who was slowly strangling him when another bayoneted him to death during the night on 17 December 1971. He was 27 years old. 

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Captain Mohammad Sarwar Shaheed

Muhammad Sarwar (1910–27 July 1948) was born in Singhori village, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.  Muhammad Sarwar was a captain in the newly formed Pakistani Army. Commissioned: 1944, Punjab Regiment.

In 1947, he volunteered to take part in the battalion organized by the Pakistani Army that entered Kashmir on the order of the then Governor-General Muhammad Ali Jinnah with the object of besting and chasing away the Indian Army which had invaded Kashmir after the Kashmiri people voted unanimously in favor of joining Pakistan. 

His regiment managed to outflank the unorganized Indian troops and forced them to retreat out of the parts which are now known as Northern Areas in one of the battles of the First Kashmir War. He was killed by machine-gun fire when advancing forward through a barbed-wire barricade. He was awarded the Nishan-E-Haider for his bravery and valor. 

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Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed

Muhammad Akram (1938 – 1971) was born in Dinga Village, District of Gujrat, Punjab, while he belonged to the village of Nakka Kalan in the district of Jhelum. He belonged to the Awan tribe of Pakistan.  He was a major of the Pakistan Army, commissioned in 1963 as part of the Frontier Force Regiment.

During the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, the 4th FF Regiment, which Akram commanded, was placed in the forward area of the Hilli district, in East Pakistan.  

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Major Mohammad Tufail Shaheed

Major Tufail was born in Hoshiarpur in 1914 and commissioned in the 16 Punjab regiment in 1943. After a distinguished career, which included several instructional and command appointments in his own Battalion and also in the Civil Armed Forces, he was posted to the East Pakistan Rifles in 1958 as a Company Commander. 

In August of the same year, Indian troops captured a village in East Pakistan.   Major divided his men into three groups and it was decided that they would launch the assault during the dark hours of 7th August. When the major’s group was about fifteen yards from the enemy, they came under heavy fire and three bullets entered the major’s stomach.  Despite the shower of blood from his stomach, he kept moving forward and silenced the machine gun with a grenade.  

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