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Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G Daily Weekly Monthly

Latest Zong Internet Packages 3G|4G Daily Weekly Monthly

Zong is considered one of the smelliest Telecom Operators in Pakistan. Zong Internet packages 3G, 4G were first launched in 2008. Now it has become so widespread, reliable & fastest Telecom Company across Pakistan. The fourth-largest Telecom Operator in the world is China Mobile Pakistan CMPAK; Zong Packages always tried to offer SMS packages & reasonably priced call packages. The corporation offers matchless 2G, 3G & 4G internet collections for the users.  

Newest Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G Daily Weekly Monthly

Here I am also giving brief details on all internet packages of the Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G. You may checklists & apply the most inexpensive packages off the internet. Zong Daily Internet Buckets, Zong Daily Social Packages, Zong Weekly Internet Packages, Zong monthly Internet packages & Zong Add-Ons, etc. All Zong weekly net packages are listed in the tables. 

To subscribe to monthly bundles dial *6464# in Rs.50 volume 150 MB. Zong is considered one of the smelliest Telecom Operators in Pakistan. Zong 4g Internet packages 3G, 4G were first launched in 2008. Now it has become so widely reliable and fastest Telecom Company across Pakistan. It is the fourth largest Telecom Operator in the world. Zong daily internet packages dial *6464#, Rs.15 Volume 100 MB.

Zong Whatsapp package now offers Whatsapp 4 GB packages for a whole month for just Rs. 20 anywhere in Pakistan, in Rs.20 you can get a WhatsApp package just by dialing *247#, Zong is Pakistan’s largest 4G whats app network you can enjoy all features of Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G. You can now enjoy video and voice calls, video sharing & downloading, Picturing sharing, test & voice messages.

Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G Detail How to Subscribe Zong 3G/4G

To activate Zong night internet packages you can also enjoy the Internet package service for the whole night. You can talk to your family members & friends, dearest friends from all over the world. Get and share your pics, voice messages, and video calls at night. To activate GN Good Night internet packages from 1 am to 9 am for just Rs.15, Volume 2.5 GB, to subscribe dial SMS “GNO” to 6464.

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Zong Internet Packages are the first company in Pakistan that grants a free license to users to carry out cellular mobile phone service. As of Feb 2022, the total number of members using 4G LTE are 5.1 million users. The company provides Facebook & WhatsApp free of cost on 3G / 4G connections. Besides this, you can choose daily, weekly, and monthly bundles to fulfill the user’s requirements. The network offers combinations of free minutes, internet MBs & SMS.

Now Zong internet packages 3G, 4g have been offered by Zong Pakistan. To activate this internet bundle you will have to balance Rs.600. its validity is for 1 month these packages give 10000 MB for Zong mobile internet but it does not give any free SMS or on-net minutes. About 19.5 % of sales taxes would be applicable to subscribe to all data Bundles and all voice & SMS bundles.

If we use the internet without subscribing to any data bundle in this condition the default rate of Tax Rs.4+Tax will be indicated. The people who are looking for Zong 3G packages Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G has arranged & enlisted all Zong Internet Packages below. Subscription, Data, Limit & other basic details. To subscribe weekly Internet Package dial *6464# in Rs.70 volume 700 MB.

How to Subscribe Zong Internet Packages 3G, 4G Daily Weekly Monthly

Zong Daily Internet Package 3G, 4G

Packages NamePrice Without TaxesVolumeValidityHow to SubscribeHow to UnsubscribeOn-Net Free MinutesFree SMSOff-Net Minutes
Zong Twitter OnlyRs. 0220 MB01 Day*6464#
Zong Daily SMS + For WhatsApp OnlyRs. 3.9930 MB01 Day*700# or sub to 700 sendunsub to 700500
Zong Classified Rs. 0550 MB01 Day*6464#
Zong Facebook Daily Rs. 0550 MB01 Day*6464#
Zong Full GupRs. 0530 MB01 Day118*1#unsub to 118175100
Zong HelloRs. 0850 MB01 Day*2200*1#unsub to 4952100100
Zong Shandaar Daily PackageRs. 0850 MB01 Day*999#PAK send to 5225Unlimited800
Zong Social Package (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter)Rs. 10100 MB01 Day*6464#
Zong Perfect PackageRs. 1240 MB01 Day*118*2#unsub to 717110000500
Zong Day Time PackageRs. 121200 MB01 Daydto to 6464
Zong Whatsapp Daily PackageRs. 15150 MB01 Day*4#
Zong Daily Package (Daily Basic)Rs. 15100 MB01 Day*6464#
Zong Good Night PackageRs. 152500 MB01 Daygno to 6464
Zong Daytime OfferRs. 161200 MB01 Daydto to 6464
Zong Daily Data Max PackagesRs. 35500 MB01 Day*5#
Zong Weekly Internet Packages 3G/4G
Zong Weekly SMS BundleRs. 17200 MB07 Days*702#unsub to 7001500
Zong Weekly Premium PackageRs. 70700 MB07 Days*6464#
Zong Shandar Weekly PackageRs. 90500 MB07 Days*7#50050040
Zong Weekly Super PackageRs. 1202500 MB07 Days*6464#
Zong All in 01 BundleRs. 150700 MB07 Days*6464# then 4 then 1 type           OR               Weekly150 to 6464*6464#70070040
Zong Weekly Super Plus PackageRs. 1565000 MB07 Days*20#
Zong Mega Weekly OfferRs. 1604000 MB07 Days
Zong Haftawar LoadRs. 1801500 MB07 Days*70#unsub weekly250 to 64641500150075
Zong Super Weekly MaxRs. 20010000 MB07 Days*220#
Zong Monthly Internet Packages 3G/4G
Zong IMO OfferRs. 202000 MB30 Days*466#
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsappRs. 5030 MB30 Days*705#unsub to 700500
Zong Monthly Mini PackageRs. 50150 MB30 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Basic 500 PackageRs. 150500 MB30 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly 3GB PackageRs. 3003000 MB30 Days*6464#
Zong Shandaar Monthly PackageRs. 3001000 MB30 Days*1000#             OR sub-Mahana to 7091unsub Mahana to 709110001000100
Zong All in 01 Bundle Rs. 3852000 MB30 Days*6464# to 4 to 2*6464#20002000150
Zong Super CardRs. 5002000 MB30 Days*6464# to 4 to 2*6464#20002000150
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 4GBRs. 5004000 MB30 Days*6666#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs. 5002500 MB30 Days*1313#1000100050
Zong Data Share Package (5GB)Rs. 5005000 MB30 Days*6464*5#
Zong Monthly 10GB PackageRs. 60010000 MB30 Days*6464#
Zong Supreme PackageRs. 6154000 MB30 Days*6464# to 4 to 3                   OR                      sub 750 to 6464unsub 750 to 646440004000300
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 10 GBRs. 80010000 MB30 Days*6666#
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 12 GBRs. 80012000 MB30 Days*6666#
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