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PMD Chand Grahan In Pakistan 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan Date & Time

The latest news came from the Pakistan Metropolitan Department located in Islamabad that on 25 March 2024 on Tuesday Chand Grahan In Pakistan 2024 will be seen in Pakistan. PDM has shared the official announcement and time when the Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan and other countries will be visible like in South America, South Asia, Australia, North America, & Northern & Eastern areas of Europe. Check the Chand Grahan in Pakistan 2024 date and time to start and finish.

PMD Chand Grahan In Pakistan 5th May 2023 Updates Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan Date & Time

This year 2024 in the month of 25-03-2024 the last Chand Grahan in Pakistan will be visible. Share this news with all social media friends and family to be aware of this hide-and-seek of the Moon today. In Pakistan, Chaand Grahan will be visible partially at the time 08:10 PM at night and will be last at 10:22 PM at Night. Chand Grahan in Pakistan today timing full and partial check at

Chand Grahan In Pakistan 25-03-2024 Time and Date

This is the Pakistan Metropolitan Department (Islamabad) which is an autonomous body founded in 1947 providing the responsibility to check the weather forecast and share other general and important information about weather conditions and rain etc. This department announced PMD Chand Grahan In Pakistan on 25/03/2024 (Monday).

The Chairperson of this authority has further appraised on the subject, agenda captioned about Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan چاند گراہن پاکستان it is reported the Chand Grahan in Pakistan will remain working for 2 hours and10 minutes and the citizens of Pakistan can see it from any parts of the country on said time.

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What is the chance of Chand Grahan today in Pakistan and the total remaining time to check the peak and downtime table online.

PMD Chand Grahan In Pakistan 25 March 2024 Updates

2024ء کا پہلا چاند گرہن 25 مارچ کو لگے گا پاکستانی وقت کے مطابق صبح تقریبا 9 بج کر 53 منٹ 16 سیکنڈ جبکہ انتہائی وقت

12 بج کر 12 منٹ اور 51 سکینڈ اور خاتمہ دو پہر 2 بج کر 32 منٹ 27 سیکنڈ پر ہوگا۔ گرہن کا کل دورانیہ 4 گھنٹے 39 منٹ کا ہوگا

Chand grahan in Pakistan 2024 date and time today check live update at the following link for further updates.

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