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Labour Day 2021 | 01 May SMS Wishing Quotes Messages Greetings

01 May Labor Day SMS 2020

I would like to share with you the latest coming event of Labour Day SMS 2021 for the people who can free downloaded and wishing for their relatives and friends to 01st May Day greetings quotes messages on this webpage. Everyone is celebrating Labor Day and wishes to social media on facebook, twitter and others like to sharing the Labour day 2021 SMS and Text message of various festivals. The poor manpower is called this day and the hard struggle of the poor humanity in the old era. Here sharing for everybody is desiderating to their fellows and sent SMS Labour Day 01 May 2021 at mobile phones. you can search below Best labour day quotes 2021 by famous celebrities of the world. 

Best labour day quotes 2021:

01st May Labor Day is the only prayer that nature answers

Robert Green Ingersoll

Labour day 2021 is considered an annual holiday in order to celebrate economic as well as social development and achievement of workers in all most every country. Labor Day is celebrated on 01st May in order to realize the right of workers. If we talk about Pakistan, then the Pakistani government also announced a public holiday on 1st May in order to arrange different rallies of the social gathering of celebrating the rights of workers. Every government truly knows the importance of labor day and it can’t the denied.  

Labour Day SMS 01st May 2020 Picture Photos

You know the history of this day not known then I will explain the antique day is started in the Chicago city of United State in the year of 1886 when their man is started the movement of Mazdoor’s from this century and for that purpose, a lot of men is martyrs in these daylight hours that was really a great effort of this time of period and gradually it was starting in the whole world and everyone like for them.

In the year of 1972, Pakistan became the member of International Labor Organization since the up to one hundred years, the workers are struggling for getting their rights and obligations but failed to obtained their civil rights and living the life without any good life because wage is very low and the taxes are increasing day by day. The current government is not build up any program for the welfare of the community of our nation.

In Canada and New York also celebrated this day of one may for remembrance of international workers day in her countries. In Pakistan and India 01 May 2021  are going to held on Monday, date and time 01/05/2021 when all persons are going to holding the debates, speech in their schools and universities. The govt. is giving the holiday of this entire day to all departments of government and private sectors to respect this Youme Mazdoor Day May 01, 2021, is coming early in the next month on the first date of Labour day 2021 History read it.

Here today we are celebrating on 01st May the most hard worker that’s of Mazdoor Day SMS 2021 wishes for their friends and relatives for this special occasion of the most talented and honorable persons you know people called him labour day quotes 2021 in the whole world because it is international event is conducting in each country for remember the effort of the poor person who is making all the houses of everyone in the universe but their home is not.

Really it is great spirit of this common man who have build up the entire small and biggest buildings including markets, shops, bazaars, streets, roads and colony’s but they don’t have their personal residence therefore that we are presenting the salute on this 1st May 2021 Labor Day SMS to wishing him for the struggles of the hard worker inhabitants of our state and good luck you for the future life ALLAH Almighty give him you much happiness and joys in their career and you can help him all the humanity with full heart.

Lets now online view and download the latest and exclusive Mazdoor Day SMS 1st May 2021 free of costs like shairy, ghazal, poetry, poems in Urdu, Hindi and English language is uploading for the visitors can available here the Happy Labour Day SMS 2021 and new labour day quotes wishing quotes text messages for their lovers.


Happy Wishing Labor Day 01 May (Mazdoor Day) SMS 2021 Celebrating

So Jatay Hain Footpath Pe Akhbaar Bicha Kar

Mazdoor Kabhi Neend Ki Goli Nahi Khatay

Happy Labor Day 2021


Salute you on a Special Day
For all the hard work you do
Celebrate With Joy
This is very very happy
May 1st Workers Day.


Shehar mein Mazdoor jesa dar badar koi nahi

Jis ney sab k ghar banaye uska ghar koi nahi…

Happy Labour Day 2021 to 2022

Labour day quotes 2021 in Urdu English Free


Khaali Hath
Jo Moat Se na Darta Tha
Bachon Se Dar Gaya.

Ek Raat Khaali Hath 
Jab Mazdoor Ghar Gaya..!

Happy Labour Day.


Kya halat h mere Ik ghar ki

Mere hamsaye Se koi akar ye poche,

Kya halat h mere Ik ghar ki,

Jawab milega yahi k Main Faaqe karke bhi Mazduri kya Krta hoon.

Happy Labor Day!


On the 1st of May,

A tribute to those who struggle daily on their offices is held.

You are a person very dedicated to your work

And for that I say that I wish him well.


Celebrate the Labour day 2021

Let’s celebrate the labor That built up this great land From field to field, to desk to desk They built it hand in hand. Happy Labor Day


Na U Sanga Takkar Na Tyo Takleef Ko Nata

Yo Sara Dunya Sanga Mitrata Ko Nata

Samajhinu Dheerai Imandar Chha Yi Manish

Ek Majdur Ko Mahenat Sanga Ko Nata


01 May 2021 Labour Day SMS Quotes Hindi, Urdu & English Text Messages


Happy Labour – Mazdoor Day SMS 01 May 2021 Text Messages for Wishes

Shehar Me Mazdoor Jesa Darbadar Koi Nahi

Jis Ne Sab K Ghar Banaye, Us Ka Ghar Koi Nahi–!

Happy Mazdoor Day!


Labor Day is to pay a tribute to

all the people who work every day.

All work is very important,

so I wish you all a great day dear friends.


You have worked hard
toiling throughout delivering your best
now it’s time to relax
have some rest
best wishes on 1st may 2021
international workers day!


Yahaan Mazdoor Ko Marne Ki Jaldi Yun Bhi Hai Mohsin,
K Zindagi ki Kashmakash Mein Kafan Mehanga Na Ho Jaye!
Happy Labour Day 2021


Salute You on a Special Day
For all the hard work you do
Celebrate With Joy
This is Very Happy
May 1st 2021 Workers Day.


So Jatay Hain Footpath Pe Akhbaar Bicha Kar,
Mazdoor Kabhi Neend Ki Goli Nahi Khatay,
Happy 1st May Labour Day


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