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PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan Online Apply

This news came from social media that Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the Bank of Punjab electric bike scheme 2024 for students. Via this PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan you can get E Bike and also get E Rickshaw license the information came from the office of Government of the Punjab Transportation department online registration starting at

PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan Online Apply

We know every students wish to get the PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan. This is golden opportunity for you in today fast speed world, transportation is vital, and the PM Electric Bike Scheme offers a sustainable solution. This scheme is designed to make electric bikes more accessible and affordable for everyone.

PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan

Well, the Punjab government is providing a large down payment of Rs.90,000/- for an electric bike priced at Rs.170,000/-. All the applicants need to pay Rs.10,000/- upfront, making it easier to get started. The remaining amount is covered through a bank loan facilitated by the scheme, ensuring that the financial burden is notably reduced.

The PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan announced special quotas for various groups, such as children of salaried parents, female students, students and employees. Moreover, there are provisions for transgender citizens and specific professions like government employees and pensioners to access these bikes.

How to apply for PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistan

You can apply online through designated channels, including the Bank of Punjab’s portal, which facilitates the scheme. This ensures that the application process is convenient and accessible to all eligible individuals.

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Looking ahead, the scheme aims to produce a significant number of electric bikes in the coming years, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. It’s not just about reducing petrol consumption; it’s about making a positive impact on the environment and our daily lives.

So, if you’re considering switching to electric mobility, the PM Electric Bike Scheme in Pakistanis an excellent opportunity to embrace a cleaner, greener way of commuting. Take the first step towards a brighter future by applying for the scheme today!

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