Monday , June 5 2023

Today Sugar Price in Pakistan Per KG

We are facing so many troubles from increasing inflation day by day. Govt of Pakistan has increased the tax on all used things. This is the news and content about what is Sugar price in Pakistan. We listen to the news about increasing the price of petrol, fuel, food, sugar, motorbike, and all other used items in our life. The new price of sugar in Pakistan is Rs. 150/-

Today Sugar Price in Pakistan Per KG

Especially poor people are facing big trouble by day by day increasing the prices of all items and food items. So many big businessmen have started to buy sugar in major quantities to store it for the future. When the Sugar price is high so these businessmen sell the sugar at high rates and get more profits from sugar and all other items. Sugar Price in Pakistan updated information may be checked and verified from the Government of the Punjab Website.

Today’s Sugar Price in Pakistan Per KG

Today Sugar Price in Pakistan Per KG Sugar Rate 2023. Sugar Rate per KG in Pakistan today 2023. What is sugar price new rate is Rs 150/- In different cities of Pakistan Sugar is being sold at high rates. The president of the Sugar dealers company the price of Sugar will be increased more.

Sugar price increased by Rs. 12 in a day last night New price of sugar is Rs. 150/-. Remember in 2 weeks sugar price has been increased two times up to Rs. 44/- per KG.

It is said the sugar will be sold at Rs. 140/- as the wholesale rate. At the end of this month, it is expected to increase the price of sugar in 2023. As reported that on Lahore’s last day sugar was sold for Rs. 126 per Kg so Today Sugar Price in Pakistan Per KG is Rs. 150/- per kg this is the new price of sugar in 2023.

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