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Prize Bond List All Series Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 25000 & 40000 Premiums

All Prize Bond List Draw Result 2021 Download

What is Prize Bond?

The prize bond it is a very different game compare to the other projects who is starting at the governmental level because another plans are is specially organized for the specific rich natives but it was build up for everyone to buy & sell the bonds without any rules and regulations. This is really a great and amazing project that was making for the poor population and everybody is happy for this effort of our high command. It was consists of less than 10, 00000 prize bond series in which some lucky persons are received the cash prizes through the money scheme of National Saving Organization is build in 1873 by Banks Act that was established in the year of 1943 to 44 under the ACT XI.

The prize bonds is not only for Pakistani but it is presenting for the anyone should live in our country or abroad each of all people is easily access and purchased the prize bond series in every city of their homeland. The prizebond is not fixing and not any rules and regulations for that each common person and businessmen is buy him for their future life to change throughout the money scheme of savings organization.

Prize Bond List All Series Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 25000 & 40000 Premiums

When Was the Prize Bond Department Formed?

Since the 1944 years about the 76 years ago the foundation is build up for the welfare of the public and now till the working is very good and given a lot of cash money to the poverty kills man and changing their lives from the department of money maker and dividing to the those persons who are luckiest man and have the same numbers who are printed in these bonds it is consisted of 06 digits including a to z alphabetic and 0 to 9 numeric’s are shown in the right corner of the prize bond.

Prize Bond scheme is organized by the Government of the Punjab Pakistan in everyone province and managed of National Savings of Pakistan. Each prize bonds series compose of one less than 1,000,000 bonds. No fixed proceeds are paid but prize draws are held on periodical basis. The numbers of prizes are similar for each sequence.

How Many Prize Bond Series are there?

The National Savings of Pakistan is organized the prize bond draws in the every month in two times after the 15th days which are series like prize bond  Rs. 100/=, Rs. 200/=, Rs. 750/=, Rs. 1500/=, Rs. 7500/=, Rs. 15000/=, Rs. 25000/= and Premium 40000/= is announcing by the government draws is behind the supported of State Bank of Pakistan and he is managed the all money in the bonds scheme. Scheme is the only rescuer in this regard, provided and they are like baby formula.

Every month many people become millionaires from this magic scheme. These series are consists of less than 10 Lac numbers include digital and alphabetic. First, Second and Third winners are get the biggest prizes from their and in which every draw 1696 people get the small prizes of every draw in different levels.

Countless citizens of the province of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Balochistan, Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) are purchasing the prizebonds for trying their luck throughout the scheme of money and created by the National Government and under the supervision of National Savings of Pakistan and the state bank of Pakistan is managing the whole worth of cash giving to the won natives and become the millionaire from this capital exchange game.

How to View Prize Bond List?

All the bonds is declared early soon in the morning time of 09:00 am online the Kohe Noor Tv Live Bond Result is offering the live transmission and jo jo tv also uploading the streaming of computerized draws are available in this post and we are sharing you the newest full  prize bond list 200 are coming today. The prize bond scheme is a blessing of ALLAH that was showing on the head of our land inhabitants and a huge no of people are benefitted from them and changed their life throughout this great project of government.

In day and night 1500 prize bond list complete purchasers are increased because its price is a little bit and easy approach to everyone can buy him throughout the banks, bazaars, and markets without wasting their time. In the open market, the bond is increased their ranking day by day so that the students and entire family members of each house are buying the great bond and then waiting the draw date is giving by the upper administration to the audience on the draw result of prize bond list 750.

How to Resolve Doubts about Prize Bonds?

If any person have any doubt about the prize bond scheme then visit the main headquarter is remained in the Islamabad or sub offices in the all cities of the kingdom for their verification but not required any proof because it’s under the government of Pakistan and the National Savings Organization is running very well since 1946 and reliable.

Pakistan National Savings Headquarter Address and Contact Numbers

NSP Official Address:

Central Directorate of National Savings, 23-N, Savings House, G-6 Markaz, Civic Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan.

National Savings Helpline Number:

Call Centre: 051-9226635, 051-9215741

CDNS: 051-9215743, 051-9215747, 051-9215748

Toll Free Number:



National Savings Email Address:

Note: Email reply is responded in three business days.

The National Savings is established in 1944 and the main building has remained in Islamabad. All the matters about prize bond schedule and conducted the whole draw dated her announced in which a large no of responsibilities is their head. So you can visit their legal place for further questions and queries about the prize bond scheme check their National Savings Pakistan official website at

How Eager People are to Buy Prize Bonds?

The people take bonds for their greed. You can buy and sell prizebonds at many different sites like shops, banks, franchises and many other places. First of fall purpose of this rich scheme only is to became the biggest man from the other persons. Everyone wants to try his luck in this special golden scheme of the government. Especially women, children, businessman, job holders, shopkeepers, house hold wives and students are most interested in this proposal.

The foundation is interlink with the National Bank of Pakistan where everyone go to for received the money and change the prize bond list 7500 hard copy or any other without any problem so that our high administration is give the entire authorities to this bank and also many office in different districts and division levels for exchanging the bonds to Pakistani rupee free of cost without any tax and charges but when you buy it then all of us give the tax on each prize bond to the shopkeepers and banks it is fee of us.

National Savings Issued Prize Bond Schedule 2021 for Easy of Customers

The time is running up and the National Savings Organization is early updating the fulPrize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 for their customers can view or download and remember it for next draw when and where is conducting that’s a good point of view of the central directorate of government is build up for the whole community of our country. Frequently people are anxiety when the bond result is not coming because everybody is thing about the biggest prizes that was announcing in the region cities.

Before the time ago this department team members are very less than about four thousands and gradually the time is passing and people is developed and enter to the twenty one century modern era then everyone man is known that the reality of prize bonds 15000 Rs. and they should want to purchased them for their self and easy change her lives throughout this amazing system of cash money giving by the Pakistan National Savings unit of government is created for the well fare of the whole population of our country and each of all is taking the benefited them every time free of cost only give him some rupees.

As a human is developing by the way the technology is touching the sky and living style of a common persons having changed and according to the modern age. As before first time the 25000 prize bond list is come to through the newspapers and the complete list is printed then people purchased the daily express newspapers or Jang to read and check the prize bond list 40000 Premium and matched their bond numbers to the winners but now-a-days the time is changed and the theory of news is converted to the media news channels and the list is come to Kohenoor TV Live transmission is provided for the public.

As inflation is increasing day by day and the government is also increasing the ratio of GST tax then no way to get them a lot of money in an easy way then we are advised him to chance to win the biggest amount of cash money from the National Savings of Pakistan therefore that it is a once organization is running the lottery scheme in the whole country and till now a million people are taking the benefited from Prize Bonds.

Lucky Draw Result All Prize Bond Full Lists

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