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Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List 2023 Lahore (15 May 2023) Draw Result #94

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List 2023 PDF Lucky Draw Result will be held in Lahore and available on the official website at it is 94th no. The list of prize bond 1500 rupees prize bond draw was announced this Monday Morning time at 09:00 AM O’clock of 15/05/2023. National Savings of Pakistan is the main department that is responsible for all series draws of Prize Bond Rs. 1500.

Check the latest draw no. 94 results of 15 May 2023 of Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List May 2023 on the date of 15/05/2023 online the governmental site and we also published the 1500 full list prize bond of this month is updated for the candidates who have bond result 1500 result and waited for them when the official is the announcement of 1500 draw list 15.05.2023 is updating in their page forgets the 1500 prize bond draw list check the regular this page and the authority is uploaded on 15.05.23 for the visitors and all citizens of Lahore. Today check the prize bond list 1500 Result held in this city. 

The largest network of the Pakistan savings department provide prize bond to interested people at any time to check their complete list without hesitation you can watch online the prize bond draw Kohe Noor Tv Live and Jago tv on 15 May 2023 when the central directorate of government will be declared the Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List 2023 PDF and all visitors can free check and download free of cost on this site.  According to our sources, the media and press reporter told him the date when the govt. association affirmed for the citizens of our homeland published.

Prize Bond List 1500 May 15 2023

National Savings of Pakistan Bond Result 1500 Prize Bond List 2023 PDF

Enjoy the moments of that when the 1500 Prize Bond Schedule 2023 for 365 days as declared by the Finance department is dealing the whole worth of money divided to the entire population those were winning the cash amount through the NSP of our country are organizing for the public after the three months ago and repeated again the duration of that time and then everybody easily views their favorite result of prize bonds are showing on the official website of central directorate of government.

I’m so happy you know what is that the government department of the National Savings Organization is telling the Prize Bond Rs. 1500 First Prize of Rs. 3,000,000 (Three Million Rupees) it’s the hugest amount of cash money is received only one lucky man in the world and the Second Prize of Rs. 1,000,000 (One Million Rupee) that’s also the biggest amount of money is giving to every 03 persons and the last Third Prize of Rs. 18,500 (Rupee Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred) are receiving the 1696 new persons in the universe and enjoying those amounts by the State Band of Pakistan and National Saving Governmental Dept.

                     DRAW OF Rs.1,500/- PRIZE BOND
                          HELD AT Lahore
Draw No.:  94rd
Series  : COMMON DRAW            			Date : 15/05/2023

First Prize of Rs. 3,000,000/-

Second Prize of Rs.1,000,000/- Each

254133 495442 912985
Third Prizes of Rs.18,500/- Each (1696 Prizes)

The Prize Bond has been published by the State Bank of Pakistan. It is such an International Bank in which all types of Money, Rupees, and also Prize Bond are developed and made for the people so that the people May obtain their source of revenue or May buy eating food to live alive on this earth.

The one Prize Bond is drawn two times in one month, and one Prize Bond is drawn at least Four times in a year, and one drawn Prize Bond can be withdrawn five times in five years after when five years are finished so that the prize bond is useless and unused for the people so after that the people May change that prize bond with money.

We know that a Prize bond means saving hard money for the coming future life so that on good days and bad days we can face problems and troubles and we can do our work easily and quickly.

Prize Bond Rs. 1500 Lucky Draw List Coming Soon Wednesday 15 May 2023 Morning 09:00 AM

Several years ago people had saved money in the Trunk or the people saved money underneath the earth. But as time is passing people have found so many ways and methods to save and protect their money for their future life to live alive and happy. And if there is a lot of money and aptitude to bear and tolerate face expenses so we May not face, repent and regret any difficulties and troubles in the future life.

Prize bond is the very best and rare way and mode for saving money, and it is the very easiest way to get anything else or buy anything from the markets as you required or you like and want. There are so many types of Prize Bonds in the market the name is, including Rs. 100/-, Rs. 200/-, Rs. 750/-, Rs. 1500/-, Rs. 7500/-, Rs. 15000/-, Rs. 25000/- and Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond, etc.

Prize Bond Prizes Winners List

And you will be also happy to know about the Prize Bond of 1500 is being drawn on 15 May 2023 on Wednesday in the District Lahore and it is the 94thdraw number which means that the Prize Bond of 1500 has been drawn five 5 times in Pakistan country.

You will also be happy to know that as the people and masses of Pakistan are using Prize Bond to save and gather money for future life, there are also several countries in the entire whole world that are using, buying, and hoarding Prize Board for the winning life in the future and some name of the countries are following Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etcetera.

The people of Pakistan are being successful and victorious by buying and utilizing Prize Bond, by the passage of time people are buying Prize Bond so much since they also want to become rich people in the world and they also want to fulfill their desire and they want to accomplish their child’s desire.

There are also lots of methods of saving and hoarding money such as saving money in a bank and saving money in a house or saving money to lend someone loads for the proper and right motive, so on there are so many ways and paths to save and hoard money and rupees. But you also know that Prize Bond is also a right and proper way to save and accumulate money for future life. People can get and attain Prize Bonds from everywhere like markets, shops, Banks, etc.

Lottery Scheme 1500 Prize Bond Lucky Draw Result 15 May 2023

National Savings of Pakistan has established the fair well system of prize bonds draw and organized the total 3377 members team there are responsible for all activities of bonds draw and issued the various numbers of bonds like EA762902 that series published and distributed the all markets, bazaars, banks and all the Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan.

Locally all banks of Punjab like Habib, Soneri, MCB, allied, Habib metro, Sindh, UBL, standard chartered, Alfalah, national, JSB, Meezan, and especially state bank of Pakistan have accepted all types of Prize bonds.

Each prize bond series consists of less than 1,000,000 bonds. Various types of people like housewives, shopkeepers, marketers, businessmen, students, and most job holders have purchased the bonds to try their luck.

All the banks of Punjab province and Pakistan are buying and selling the bonds easily. Every country has money-maker schemes and the most famous is Thailand country in which is called a lottery scheme and also India and other western countries.

The State Bank of Pakistan has managed the whole money of prize bond draws and some are called the backbone of prize bonds which are directly joined with Pakistan’s national savings and helped him.

The Central Directorate of Government National Savings of Pakistan now issued the Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023 and it is starting its functionality from the year 1943 to 1944 nowadays it has made a powerful body and organized the prize bond draws every month in different cities of Pakistan.

Free Download the Lahore 1500 Prize Bond Draw Result of 15/05/23 the whole list is available early soon all people can download and check online each year’s prize bond list. In Pakistan many communities purchase bonds to change their lifestyle through this money scheme of Govt.

The State Bank of Pakistan is the only bank that is managing the complete money worth is using in these prize bond series of our country and is overall responsible for every draws. Most job holders and students can buy the prize bonds to try their luck and become millionaires from this money-making scheme. Rs. 1500 Draw List Lahore Prize bond 15th May 2023 is updated soon here.

Lahore 1500 Prize Bond Result List on May 15, 2023

In a day about a thousand people are buying the prize bond 1500 rs for their personal purpose to thinking become rich man and prayers in the mosques and Sufi saints for that ALLAH get the chance to win cash prizes from them and many people also go to the different baba that they were getting the won and obtained a lot of capital.

You know that was a reality because the entire population is poor and uneducated then no way to earn the money and the Central Directorate is preparing this lottery system for all people is take benefit from and become a millionaire in a day.

1500 wale Prize Bond ki list jari ho chuki hy. Click on the following links to view more information about this result.

Locally and VIP all persons are waiting for the latest Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List Draw #94 Result 15 May 2023 in Lahore (Monday, May 15, 2023) when everyone in the online view and free 1500 Prize Bond list 2023 PDF download the fifteen hundred rupees full list on the governmental site at

It is such that the scheme of prize bond is proved a role model for the public because the central directorate of government is running very well and launched each lucky draw after 16 days in the different cities of the province of Punjab and Pakistan. Now the National Saving of Pakistan is balloting the 1500 draw list 15.05.2023 in the city online.

It was designed as a perfect plan of profit for the audience. Now this time the National Savings of Pakistan نیشنل سیونگ آف پاکستان is declared the newest 1500 prize bond draw list in Lahore that is the details of the prize are giving to explain here.

Today Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List 15 May 2023 is going to balloting in the city of Lahore where thousands of people are waiting for him the latest draw result no. 94th is held by the National Savings of Pakistan and is responsible to organize and publish the computerized draw for this month of May 15, 2023.

Prize Bond Draw List 1500 is really rare and precious for all of us because it’s once bond sell is much of the others. On dated 15.05.23 the 1500 bond result May 2023 is coming for the people who can free download online checks the complete prize bond list 1500 May 2023.

Rs 1500 Prize Bond List (Draw # 94) 15-05-2023 Held in Lahore