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National Holidays in Pakistan in 2021

Wednesday 01 July 2021 Bank Holidays in Pakistan

01st July 2021 Bank Holidays in Pakistan for all the private and government banks are closed in this day because it was closing the last six months turnover by the order of the state bank of Pakistan also closed for a public of this day but all the employees are working and remained in the banks.

01-07-2021 Bank Holidays in Pakistan

In this duration of the day, all of us are closing the whole bank drafts, remittances, cheques, deposits, and payments schedule to providing to the customers within due dates that were promised to the businessmen and local or VIP persons.

Pakistan State Bank is closed on 01/07/2021 because it was under the jurisdiction all the bank branches all over the country is remaining closed for public and citizens but individually it was properly continuous worked to fulfill the calculation of the 06 months (180) days period of time in which the entire transactions are being to interbank transfer and other.

The employees of the banks are seen all one by one face to face and verified him then it was obtaining the profit and loss in the duration of that day. The manager of the bank is crossed checked the big transactions are holding in the last days. So in the last, it was getting out the final result in the shape of the total profit of 01st January to 30th June 2021 and presenting the report to the owner of the bank and state bank.

That reason Bank Holidays in Pakistan Wednesday, July 01, 2021, is held and the whole activities are banned on this date on 1 July Bank Holiday 2021 in Pakistan. We are informed the people can’t go to the bank holiday 01st July 2021 and remained in houses for a further procedure next day 02nd July 2021 banks are opened now.

♥Closed Bank Holidays in Pakistan 1 July 2021♥


The Government of Pakistan Ministry of Interior has issued the Notification No. 01/01/2021-Public Islamabad, on dated 10th December 2021. The Public and Optional holidays regarding festivals of Muslims and Minorities for the Calendar Year 2021 would be as under:

Pakistan Public Holidays 2021 Year


Sr.Name of OccasionDaysDates during the year 2021
1Kashmir DayFriday5,h February. 2021
2Pakistan DayTuesday23rd March 2021
3Labour DaySaturday01 May 2021
4Bd-after. (I1 Shawal 1442A.H)Friday, Saturday, Sunday14 15 and 16th May 2021
5Bd-uFAzha, (101h ZiHajl442 A.H)Wednesday. Thursday and Friday21 July,22nd, and 23 July 2021
6Independence DaySaturday14th August 2021
7Ashura (9th & 10 Mohanam 1443 A.H)Wednesday and Thursday18th & 19,h August 2021
8Eid Milad-un-Nabi (12 Rabi ul  Awwal 1443A.H)Tuesday19* October. 2021
9Quaid-e-Azam Day/ ChristmasSaturday25* December 2021
10Day after ChristmasSunday26* December 2021 (For Christians only)
  1. The following will be Bank Holidays. However, on these days the Banks / DFIs /MFBs will remain closed for the public but NOT for their employees:


  • In the case of Muslim Festivals, the dates of Holidays are based on anticipated dates and are subject to the appearance of the moon for which separate notification will be issued by M/o Interior.

Pakistan Optional Holidays in Pakistan 2021

Optional Holidays in Pakistan 2021


Name of OccasionDays

Dates during the year 2021

1New Year DayFriday01 January 2021
2Basant PanchamiTuesday16th Feb 2021
3ShivaratriThursday22 March 2021
4*Shab-e-Meraj (27 Rajab 1442 A.H]Friday12 March 2021
5HoliSunday or Monday28th Or 29,h March 2021
6DulhandiMonday29 March 2021
7*Shab-e-Barat (15,h Shaban 1442 A.H)Monday29 March. 2021
8Good FridayFriday2nd April 2021
9Easter/ Day After Easter SundaySunday/Monday4m/5,h April, 2021
10BaisakhiWednesday14f* April. 2021
11Eid-e-Rizwan (Bahai’s Community only)Wednesday21st April 2021
12Buddha PurnimaWednesday26m May 2021
13Nauroze (Parsi’s New Year Day)Monday16th August 2021
14Birthday of Lord Zoroaster (Khordad Sal)Saturday21sf August. 2021
15Janam AshtamiMonday23rd August 2021
16*Chehlum (20 Safar 1443 AH)Tuesday28,h September 2021
17Durga PujaMonday13 September 2021
18DussehraWednesday15,h September 2021
19*Giyarvee Shareef (1 l,h Rabi- Us-Sani 1443 AH)Monday18,h October 2021
20Birthday of Guru Valmik Swami JiWednesday20,h October 2021
21DiwaliThursday4th November 2021
22Guru Nanak Dev Jee BirthdayThursday18,h November 2021